Minutes for January 9, 2014

CMS Garden participation and funding; Stroopwafel and Cathedral sprint funding; budget progress; new conflict of interest policy.


Paul called us to order at 21:05 UTC


Attending: Alexander Loechel, Paul Roeland, Steve McMahon, Tom (Spanky) Kapanka, Andy Leeb, Cris Ewing

Absent: Érico Andrei (excused)

Approval of the minutes of Dec 12, 2013

Cris moved approval; Alex seconded

Unanimously approved.

+ check if action items were followed up

Obligatory self-chiding for items not finished due to holidays.

Spanky will contact Liz to join us for a meeting

Paul has sent off invoice for PloneKonf reimbursement

Incoming correspondence

Paul will fill in requested information for Capterra

OSI has requested information on our upcoming events; Steve will reply

Paul will follow up with Timo on banner

Paul will ask Érico to follow up on Brasilia payments

Query about whether or not we can accept sponsorship donations from non-plone-related companies.

Discussion that we still want to avoid links to companies that have no relation, but are certainly willing to list without link; Steve will ask Liz about whether or not this is acceptable to the potential sponsor.

New Business


CMS Garden

Requests for annual membership fee plus ad participation at CeBIT approx $

3,500 at current exchange. General agreement that CMS Garden has been among the best of our marketing opportunities.

Paul suggested we be willing to pay up to $4,000 for combined ad and membership.

Cris moved we authorize up to $4,000 for this; 

Alex seconded

Unanimously approved

sprint funding requests

Stroopwafel Sprint, $300 requested for community sprint

Cris moved approval; Andy seconded

Unanimous with Alex and Paul abstaining due to possible conflict of interest (they plan to attend)

Paul will notify

Cologne (Cathedral) Sprint, already approved as a strategic sprint

Steve moved we allocate up to $4,000 for reimbursement of travel expenses for Cathedral Sprint

Alex seconded

Unanimously approved

Paul will let Timo know

Idealware report

Cris is coordinating getting a spreadsheet of information and arranging a demo (Thanks, Nathan)

We should put out a general call for ads for their report; it has been a quality work in the past.

Old Business

Budget creation 2014

Paul has been working on the budget proposal that would substantially increase sprint and marketing budget. If we actually spent it all and did not improve income, this would be a negative ~$20,000. All agreed that this is a reasonable risk given our cash in the bank.

General discussion was favorable.

We will plan on finalizing this at our next meeting. We need more information on Brasilia income. Also check with Liz.

plone.com deployment

Things moving, albeit slowly

Updating Conflict of Interest policy

Steve redrafted the texts previously discussed. This was made available before the meeting on a private web page.

Cris moved approval of this policy.

Alex seconded

Unanimously approved

Steve will follow up on board statements required under it.

[The Conflict of Interest policy page is now published. Please refer to it for the length text of the policy.]

In-kind sponsorships

Steve is following up on this

Advisory/ambassador board

We’ve been informally contacting a list of possible ambassadors. Folks contacted like “ambassador” better than “advisory board” as they hope to avoid meetings. We hope to move to formal announcement next meeting.

Everyone will consult list in our shared document area before the meeting.

Contributor agreement status

Andy has put some drafts in a shared folder. Not all have had a chance to look at this. These are based on materials from KDE, reviewed by Wildcard. Paul will be reviewing the current form with KDE folks. Applicability in Germany is a particular issue to check.

Sponsorship status & process

For discussion with Liz when she joins us.

Review ongoing: licensing issues with other libraries under alternative Open Source licenses, CC relicensing, 

General discussion of library licensing issues; nothing ready for action.

Paul is interested in our going with CC v 4 for plone.org and plone.com. Nice improvements over 3. We would skip the non-commercial restriction. There is also a sample notice for relicensing. Relicensing by notice and waiting period has been tested and has worked.

Adjourned at 22:20 UTC