Minutes for December 11, 2014

Mockup relicensing; membership survey preparations; ambassadors reappointed; discussion of goals for board term.



Present: Paul, Alexander, Kim, Steve, Chrissy, Cris, Carol
Absent: None!

Approval of the minutes of Nov 26, 2014

Alex moved approval
Chrissy seconded
Unanimously approved

+ check if action items were followed up

GSOC: we need to get some invoice information uploaded to Google.
Kim volunteered to follow up on this, checking with the treasurer to make sure we don't do it twice.

Incoming correspondence

PO Box change
Jen Myers has notified us of the need to change our PO Box information. We need a box number so that we can update various online references.

Proposal to relicense mockup and mockup-core
Chrissy moved to change the license to the modified BSD under the existing package relicensing policy.
Paul seconded
Unanimously passed

New Business

Membership committee update

Kim received a late volunteer, J.C. Brand, for the Membership Committee.
Discussed and decided via e-mail, formal motion now for the minutes.
Cris moved
Alex seconded

Membership survey

Kim has been preparing a survey of the membership, and we reviewed the implementation. This asks about priorities for the community and project, the desirability of hiring an executive director and how to fund it.

Agreed (after style tweaking), that this is good.

Kim will mail it to the membership list. There may be later followed up with the wider community.

Strategic summit request

Steve failed to check on how we did this last time. So, this still needs doing.


The last board spent a good bit of time appointing Plone Ambassadors. Cris suggested we take advantage and largely reappoint.

Kim suggested that we also ask them to report on any representation opportunies they might have. Also, that we have contact links. Kim volunteered to take care of that.

Steve moved that we reappoint last year's ambassadors:

  • Jian Aijun, China

  • David Bain, Jamaica

  • Leonardo J. Caballero G., Venezuela

  • Virgina Choy, Australia

  • K. K. Dhanesh, India

  • Rernanda Lobato, Brazil

  • Manubu Terada, Japan

Alexander seconded
Unanimously approved.

Old Business

Follow-up: discussion of plans for term

Kim had raised the possibility of funding an Executive Director style position, possibly part time. He noted that things that come before the board sometimes take long periods of time to get done. Also, many opportunities for representing Plone or moving the project along that never get done.

Carol suggested that the first thing we need to do is to get some feedback from the membership. If they aren't behind it and willing to fund it, there's no point in pursuing it. This would really be a community-manager position.

This could also be an item to take to the strategic summit. But, let's gather feedback and build energy in advance.

Paul noted that he isn't sold on the idea yet, but it's well worth discussing. He wondered if the consortium model might be better. Discussion of this. Carol noted that this might tie it to closely to particular companies.

Other goals

Cris noted that he wants plone.com and the plone.org redo done. Can it be broken up into smaller chores?
Answer: On plone.com, several opportunities to contribute are in the issue tracker, but too many people joining in won't speed up the project at this point. (Case studies are needed.)
On plone.org, there is a team, and we can, if needed, help support a sprint.
Plone 5 joined the discussion. Chris said he would contact the Framework Team and volunteer as an individual to help publicize any tickets that need publicizing.

Kim wondered if we could encourage the formation of one or more consortia to market and bid for larger jobs. Steve noted that this could not be a formal function of a not-for-profit foundation. Paul noted that this is more-or-less a North American problem, as there is no shortage of Plone business in Europe. Steve noted that this is unlikely a problem set to be solved in a multi-economy way.

Alex moved adjournment; Cris seconded
Adjourned at 22:34 UTC