Minutes for April 17, 2014

Installer sprint funding, Updates


Paul called us to order at 21:02 UTC


Attending: Paul Roeland, Alexander Loechel, Andy Leeb, Steve McMahon, Cris Ewing, Érico Andrei

Absent: Tom (Spanky) Kapanka

Approval of the minutes of April 3, 2014

Alex moved approval, Andy seconded

Unanimously approved

Check if action items were followed up

Érico let us know that the PloneGovBr opendata sprint did not actually need PF funding, thanks to Brazilian Govt.

Nutter is working on a letter on the logo infringement.

Europython poster session has been submitted

Incoming correspondence

Armin Stross-Radschinski let us know that we’ll be getting specimen copies of the Python Brochure; will ship to Sorrento.

Beer/Wine sprint was under budget. Folks continue to get good travel prices. Thanks!

New Business

Funding requests

PSM Installer Sprint - The installer team and PSM sent in requests for strategic funding for PSM sprints. Roughly the same. The Installer Team named the sprint strategic.

Paul noted that he is mentioned in the PSM request, but is not necessarily seeking support.

$2,000, which each requested, would cover travel for Sven and Giacomo.

Cris moved approval of the $2,000 funding request

Andy seconded

Unanimously approved.

Steve will communicate

$6,500 request for marketing for EuroPython 2014

Agreed that we don’t want to do this in the way requested, and want to do a smaller presence.

Alex will notify; there will also be opportunities to discuss this at PLOG

Python brochure

Already covered

PLOG & PSM update

PLOG - quite a big program. Alex is already in Sorrento. Paul will also be there.

docs.plone.org is expected to go live at this event.

Eric Steele and Paul will speak on what every team is doing.

There will be attempts to tape some of the talks and upload. (Network is probably not up to streaming.)

PSM - Kim has sent a preliminary budget to Paul. It will go to the board soon. Since we are the fiscal agent on this, we’ll need to take it up, even though there will probably be no need for subsidy.

Old Business


Cris is preparing a proposal for us to get an open-source booth (free). We’ll want to use some marketing funding to bring materials to Portland (Oregon).


Cris did some guerrilla marketing along with other attendees. It turned out that Plone had a full-on booth that we didn’t know about. Érico explained that the space had been requested last year, but this had been forgotten. A gross failure of communication that we’ll try to avoid in the future.

PyCon was generally wonderful otherwise.


Already covered somewhat. Another brilliant poster is in the works.



We continue to work on the case study / stories for plone.com. The folks working on plone.org are expected at PLOG, and we expect progress there.

Advisory/ambassador board

We’ve some biographies ready to send. Paul will gather it up and work with Christina to get a news article.

In-kind sponsorships

No changes

Review ongoing

docs.plone.org is to be under CC 4. We need to make it explicit in contrib agreement that docs are covered by a free-culture license. (CC is not on the OSI list.) Andy will work on this.

plone.com and plone.org will be CC with exceptions for logos.

Adjourned at 21:46 UTC