Minutes for September 5, 2013

Conference and annual meeting planning

Paul called us to order at 20:05 UTC



Present: Paul Roeland, Steve, Matt Hamilton, Érico Andrei, Carol Ganz
Absent: Matthew Wilkes (excused), Liz Leddy (Excused)

Approval of the minutes of August 22

Carol moved approval

Érico seconded

Unanimously approved

+ check if action items were followed up

Election, membership renewal process underway

New Business

Funding requests & upcoming sprint ideas

Request received for red-foot sprint at community sprint level; to be organized by Simples Consultoria in Londrina, a city in the state of Paraná, Brazil.
Érico noted interest in this item and abstained from discussion
Carol moved approval of $300
Matt seconded
Unanimously approved with Érico abstaining

Incoming correspondence

Arnhem sprint date announced: 11-16 November.

Old Business

Marketing, plone.com & progress

Eric has announced the availability of the plone.com beta; more stories are needed. Liz and Steve have been challenged to find some additional stories. Armin has some materials. Érico will consult Interlegis, Steve volunteered to edit what comes from that.

Planning: Plone Conference 2014 timeline

Period for submission has arrived
Board members have made some informal contacts to encourage proposals.

PyCon US 2014

Process begun to be an open-source sponsor.

Discussion of ideas for creating a presence. Would a training spot be a good idea? It looks too expensive.

Update: PloneConf Brasília status

Paul reported on informal meeting last week with conference. Most discussed already on email. New sponsors are coming in.

Review ongoing items

Six Feet Up Sponsorship (in progress), licensing issues with other libraries under alternative Open Source licenses (membership discussion did not encourage doing anything now), CC relicensing (Paul is resolving conflicting lawyer advice), possible trademark infringements (Matt is in contact with legal advisor soliciting advice on an issue).

Open hangout

We're going to have an open hangout next week, Thursday, 20:00 UTC.

We'll need to send an additional announcement when we have hangout details.


Annual Meeting

We'll need an annual report; Steve will collect materials. We'll discuss them be email to have it ready for the conference and the annual meeting.

Adjourned at 20:55 UTC