Minutes for October 30th, 2013

Discussions of plans and focal points for the next year

Paul called us to order at 21:05 UTC



Present: Paul Roeland, Tom (Spanky) Kapanka, Cris Ewing, Alexander Loechel, Andy Leeb

Absent: Érico Andrei (excused)

Approval of the minutes of Oct 17

Spanky moved approval, Cris seconded

Unanimously approved

+ check if action items were followed up

Spanky will coordinate with Paul and Liz to invite Liz to a meeting to discuss fundraising.

Incoming correspondence

Query about advisor board representation responsibilities. Paul will respond that advisory board members are expected to be ambassadors as well as to advise the board.

New Business


domain transfer

Maarten Kling contacted the board with a request to transfer plone.nl to the foundation’s control.

Paul will follow up to make sure this happens.

Test-artifact account request

Asko Soukka proposed setting up an AWS account for publishing travis test artifacts. Asko offered up the AWS credits he won in this year’s Plone Innovations Award.

Cris volunteered to work with Asko and the testing team to help set this up.

Old Business


Discussion of plans & focal points

Sprint Funding Policy

Consensus that sprint policy will continue substantially as it has been last year.

Spanky volunteered to email Eric to confirm we’re doing this and ask him to contact team leaders.

Cris suggested we might see if we can maintain a sprint calendar to avoid conflicts. This could be just a page on plone.org for scheduled and tentatively scheduled sprints.

Cris volunteered to pursue this.

Spanky wondered if a single, major sprint might be a good idea. General feeling that this is effectively happening with the major, open sprints.

General agreement that we’re willing to support efforts dedicated to working out Plone 2020 questions.

Alex noted that their may be some German University money available for working on some improvements, but are not able to pay individuals. We discussed the fact that the PF is willing to serve as a fiscal agent for earmarked grants so long as they are within our non-profit charter.


Steve indicated an interest in working on loosely organized, non-marketing, evangelical/testimony style effort intended to complement, but not be governed by marketing/communications. Spanky and Paul are particularly interested in involvement. Steve will prod.

In-kind sponsorships

Executive session to discuss potential contracts

Advisory board

Discussion of goals for an advisory board. General agreement that we like the regional ambassador approach of last year, and may seek ways to expand it. We also want to find some more ways to seek actual advice.



& progress

Deferred in Érico’s address

Sponsorship status & process

We’ll take this up at a meeting where Liz can join us for advice.

Budget creation 2014

Paul reviewed last year’s budget process and proposed starting with last year’s budget as a template. General agreement on this.

Contributor Agreements

Contributor agreements handling

Liz handled contributor a

greements; we need a board member.

Andy agreed to take on this responsibility. He’ll contact Liz about this.

Review ongoing

licensing issues with other libraries under alternative Open Source licenses, CC relicensing, possible trademark infringements

All deferred to later meetings

Adjourned at 22:55 UTC