Minutes for October 17th, 2013

First meeting of the 2013-2014 Board

The meeting came to order at 20:10 UTC. Chairing moved around due to connectivity problems. Steve took notes.




Attending: Paul Roeland, Steve McMahon, Érico Andrei, Tom Kapanka (Spanky), Alexander Loechel, Cris Ewing, Andy Leeb. (Paul had very poor connectivity.)

Approval of the minutes of Sept 19, Oct 4

Sept 19th

Spanky moved approval, Andy Seconded

Unanimously approved

Oct 4th

Spanky moved approval, Andy seconded

Unanimously approved


New Business

Election of new officers

Brief discussion of responsibilities

Spanky moved, Érico seconded that Steve be Plone Foundation Secretary

Unanimously approved

Steve moved Paul be PF President, Andy seconded

Unanimously approved

Cris moved himself for Vice President, Érico seconded

Unanimously approved 

Spanky asked that we defer appointment of the treasurer until new board members have a chance to review agreement with 6FU and budget.

Appointment of bylaw-mandated committee positions

Membership Committee

Érico moved Spanky chair the Plone Foundation Membership Committee, Cris seconded

Unanimously approved

Marketing Committee

Érico suggested deferring this pending talking about options and responsibilities.

This committee has, for the last few years, been a small committee working with the larger community communications team.

Steve was asked to be informal liaison with the Security Team. Responsibility to make sure they know they may ask for anything they need.


Discussion of plans, focal points, etcetera


: we really depend on this at least matching last year's level. Alex noted a need for efforts in both Europe and Americas. Érico noted that this is really all our responsibilities.

Spanky moved we ask Liz to be campaign leader for fundraising and invite her to attend the next meeting. Andy seconded.

Unanimously approved. (Paul offline temporarily.)

Steve would like to work on a more formal conflict of interest policy.

Discussion of sprint funding opportunities


Discussion of opportunities for non-marketing opportunities to evangelize without brand coordination.

We'll continue this discussion at later meetings.

Cris, Alexander, Andy to be added to PF membership mailing list. Steve will do this.

Advisory board

We'll use the mailing list to discuss possibilities.


Plan: Budget creation 2014

Brief discussion of budget process


Spanky noted that the minutes for many past board meetings showed items deferred and suggested we allow two hours per meeting to get as much done as necessary.

Steve, Paul and Érico noted that deferrals were usually due to a need to solicit outside information or for members to complete assigned tasks and that longer meetings would have not have changed that.

Spanky volunteered to seek a free Fuse account for board teleconferences.

Steve noted that past board list correspondence is available to new board members. Also that the annual report has reflections on many ongoing board issues like the marketing budget.

Steve will update the board via email on the last board's negotiations with Six Feet Up on an agreement on in-kind contributions.

Steve moved adjournment until 10/30 (day before usual). Cris seconded.

Adjourned at 21:40 UTC