Minutes for Oct 4, 2013

Conference choice

This was a special meeting of the board, held at 1pm at the PloneConf Brasília with a single item of business: the choice of a venue for next year's Plone Conference.

All board members were notified of this meeting by email. Email preferences or votes were solicited from Carol and Liz, the two members who were not in Brazil.

Paul called us to order at 1:05pm

Present: Paul Roeland, Matthew Wilkes, Steve McMahon, Érico Andrei

Absent: Matt Hamilton (in Brasília, but recused due to interest in this business), Carol Ganz (not in Br), Elizabeth Leddy (not in br).

We received two proposals: from Arnhem (4 digits) and Bristol (Netsight). Both were late, and we needed to decide this matter at a special meeting in order to meet the deadline for announcing the next conference at this conference. Representatives of both Netsight and 4digits agreed to quick board consideration.

Discussion: Brief review of the financials for both. Entrance fee will be slightly higher for Bristol than Arnhem. Mainly currency differences that might change.

Several of us had been asking people throughout the conference if they had any objection to the board deciding this matter and what their preference was. Not a single objection heard to the board deciding. There was also no concern mentioned at the annual meeting, where this process was briefly discussed.

General sentiment was that both cities were highly desirable. When pressed for a preference, Bristol was the nearly unanimously preference.


Arnhem, 20 Oct -> 26 Oct

Bristol, 27 Oct -> 2 November

Steve moved acceptance of the Bristol/Netsight proposal
Érico seconded
Unanimously approved

We will strongly thank 4digits for their excellent proposal.

Announcement of the choice will be made during the lightning talks today.

Steve moved adjournment
Paul seconded
For: Steve, Érico, Paul
Against: Matthew ("I don't want it to end.")

Adjourned at 1:25pm.