Minutes for November 27, 2013

Plone.com project management, Gilbane Conference, Budget creation

Cris Ewing took minutes in Steve's absence.

Present: Andy Leeb, Tom (Spanky) Kapanka, Alexander Loechel, Cris Ewing, Paul Roeland, Érico Andrei

: Steve McMahon

Paul called the meeting to order 1:15 pm PT


Minutes of 11/14

Updated budget creation point to clarify notes about date

Érico moves to approve
Paul seconds
Unanimous approval

Action Items

Incoming Correspondence
Support for supervisor. Paul expresses that it is a community issue, not a board one. Others agree. Cris makes a personal appeal for others to support personally. Steve will respond with Paul's suggested text

Event report from the Buschankensprint sprint by Johannes Raggam.
Good detailed report, $300 community sprint, money has been approved and sent via Paul/Jen.

Arnhem: plenty of information via blogs, sent in request for more cash than originally approved. Exceeded budget by $1057. Paul suggests reconsidering after other sprints have been funded if there is budget left over. We will need to reconsider at end of year to see if there are additional funds remaining. There is strong discussion about avoiding setting a precedent for simply covering cost overruns.

New Business


Eric Rozeboom has decided to step down. Liz will PM the new release. Ramon will help w/ final design implementation. We will push ahead to get a release as soon as possible.

Cris moves that future projects of this type be handled in public repositories.
Widely seconded (erico wins, I think).
Unanimously approved.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Paul proposes tabling until SteveM is present since he is in charge of this initiative.
Spanky agrees, wants to state that this seems to be a good technical description, but a plain-language policy statement should be included. Paul says common language nice but misses IRS compliance.

Gilbane Conference

Thank to Liz for stepping up. Thanks to Cris for filling in forms and coordinating.
Spent money for a good banner from EuroPython printed. Andy suggests adopting it as an official banner for publicity use.
Liz has spending approval for needed marketing materials.
Still seeking lodging.

In-kind Sponsorships

Negotiations still proceeding but have been held up due to external circumstances

Further discussion in executive session; no action.

Idealware CMS Report

We need to marshal soft power. Cris will volunteer to be board liaison for questions and will consult Carol for contact information.
We also need to reach out to community for advertisers to show up and buy sponsoriships. Paul will help with this part.

Old Business

Advisory Board

Several candidates have already been contacted. More will be. Final decision in two weeks.

Sponsorship Status and Process

Liz has agreed to continue in her role, Paul will work with her on it.
If there is anyone else in the community who is willing to step up and take on an active role in fund solicitation, that would be appreciated.

A cause has been found for the billing snafu with PloneKonf.

Budget Creation

Paul has started laying it out. Will send an email out to the board sharing the document and soliciting comments 2013/11/28

Review of Ongoing Items

Translation of licensing issues. Underway, will be on Plone.com and will also be on Plone.org once a location is found.

Documentation sprint in Amsterdam in January. Big sprint in Munich in spring.

Contributor Agreement

Andy asks if he could get contact information for Talin at Wildcard corp for work on the rewrite of the contributor agreement. Will follow up on getting that finished. Alexander would also be happy to help with German-English translation if needed.

AWS S3 Assets buckets

Jen says a prepaid cc is fine, Cris will arrange with Jen to get a prepaid cc in the minimum amount and will create an AWS account with a plone.org email address so we can get to work on this.

Cris nags Paul to send him notes about nag letters.

Mailing Lists
Alexander reminds us that Steve suggested subscribing to mailing lists for plone marketing and others. Paul notes that the marketing list is dead, dead, dead. Need revamping. List information page needs updating. Paul promises to look into this in December.

Érico moves to adjourn; Andy seconds
Meeting adjourned 2:39 pm PT