Minutes for November 14, 2013

Discussions on conferences; plans and focal points; advisory board.



Present: Paul Roeland, Érico Andrei, Alexander Loechel, Andy Leeb, Steve McMahon, Tom (Spanky) Kapanka, Cris Ewing

Approval of the minutes of Oct 30

Andy moved approval; Paul seconded
Unanimously approved (Érico abstained, absent from that meeting)

Check if action items were followed up

Spanky: we probably need an alternative to Liz for leading the fund-raising. We’ll take that up in the agenda. Paul will check with Liz for a debrief.

Paul will be checking with Martior in Arnhem about Plone.NL.

Cris is continuing to work on AWS activation for testing artifacts. (Making use of Asko’s contribution of AWS credits.) Paul will also check on this in Arnhem.

Paul will check on the issue on invoicing plone.de in relation to ad.

Andy has picked up the reigns on handling contributor agreements.

Cris has gotten the sprint page updated.

Incoming correspondence

Correspondence on GPL question; resolved off list.

Correspondence on acknowledgement of in-kind sponsorships.
Steve will respond.

New Business

Gilbane Conference (Boston)

Does Plone wish to have a presence? We can get a “pedestal” presence for $2K. We don’t have anyone who has yet volunteered to represent Plone.
Discussion: we agreed that we’re willing to do this if we can find a good representative. Cris will pursue this.

Old Business

Discussion of plans & focal points

We didn’t have any new points arising in email. Paul suggested we might want to put together a statement for the membership on what our key points are.
Discussion: Érico: this is probably a good idea for every new board. General agreement on that.

Items to include: Sprint funding; non-marketing

Paul suggested that this statement could accompany the budget.

In-kind sponsorships

Executive session to discuss contract discussions
(20 minute discussion, no actions)

Advisory board

Spanky moved that we have an advisory board again this year.
Discussion: as with last year, to cultivate ambassadors. Possibly some topical advisors as well as regional.
Some discussion of possible names, contacts.
Paul suggested we set a timeline: try to have names by next meeting.
Cris seconded (lots of competition!)
Unanimously approved.

[Steve left meeting at 2:15pm; Andy took up note taking.]


plone.com - history, missing success stories, how to get people to actually do stuff, Cris E will send nag letters via Paul’s suggestions. Paul will speak with folks at Arnhem sprint

Sponsorship status & process

Discussion deferred

Budget creation 2014

Paul will send email about budgets, sprint budget is easy, marketing budget is hard. Tue Nov 19 Paul will send email. Budget ready before end of year

Ongoing issues

Licensing issues w/other libraries are almost resolved - Paul

Creative Commons relicensing of Plone.Org content - Paul has a proposal that needs to be translated to English from Dutch/German. Is pretty bullet proof.