Minutes for May 30, 2013

Progress on accessibility testing; plonedemo.* domains allowed with conditions; reports on sponsorship plans and licensing.

Called to order at 20:00 UTC



Present: Paul Roeland, Érico Andrei, Carol Ganz, Steve McMahon, Elizabeth Leddy

Absent: Matthew Wilkes and Matt Hamilton, both excused.

Approval of the minutes of May 2

Liz moved approval, Carol seconded

Approved unanimously

New Business

Incoming correspondence:

  • Arabic Plone group

    We've received a note from a potential Plone Arabic users group. We're corresponding and trying to figure out how we can help.

  • Accessibility testing and certification

    Paul has met with Plone Gov Brasil folks in a meeting put together by Érico.

    Additionally: Written go-ahead from WebAIM is in the works for integration of check with robot framework. Accessibility automated testing!

    Theme should be making progress at the PSM sprint.

    Discussions next week should really tie this together.

    This will be worth some major publicity.

    Asko's work has been really outstanding.

Old Business

plonedemo.com and similar sites

Paul reported excellent discussions with Gabrielle HP of Six Feet Up. They're flexible and accommodating.

So, the real question is: do we want to allow plone* sites with advertising?

Indications are that the existing

demo sites are not big generators of concrete business leads. But, they do get traffic, and clearly provide some community service.

Paul summed up our options as:

  • Forbid *

  • Allow with minimal branding; e.g., a portlet

  • Allow *

After discussion, Steve moved that we allow use of plone[-]?demo.* domains with the conditions that 1) they must register with the Plone Foundation; 2) They must use the current production version (minor version variance is OK; 3) only minimal host branding is allowed (for example, a portlet); and 4) permission is revocable at the discretion of the Plone Foundation.

Paul seconded

Unanimously approved
(Carol noted her connection to Six Feet Up under our policy to note special interests)

Sponsorship revamp

Liz reported on recent communications with interested parties; 

She suggested listing new contributors each month to membership, users.

After discussion, Liz suggested a "campaign" model might be a good mechanism. Set goals, say what we'll use it for, publicize everywhere. Make it easy to say you'll donate, then follow up. Liz says she's willing to be annoying. This met with general approval.

Paul and Liz volunteered to set up some apparatus for next week.

No formal action on this item.

Plone.com status

Stories are in development; small, med, lg NGOs

We need to set a deadline to go live; Paul suggested July 1. Carol noted we need a project manager for the final stage. A few potential PMs discussed. A board subcommittee of Paul, Steve, Carol and Liz will meet on this next week at PSM with interested parties.


We have three projects approved! Matthew will report more later.

Carol noted that we'll need to publicize students/mentors/projects.

Licensing issues with other libraries under GPLv2

Matthew and Steve's letter suggested a general strategy of avoiding publishing any policy advice, but offering helpful feedback in correspondence. Matthew is working on a letter covering current questions.

Creative Commons relicensing

Relicensing of documentation on plone.org/developer.plone.org; current plan is for a one-month clearing period after declaring resolution to license as CC. Paul is working on detailed plan. We might be able to proceed with this in July or August. CC 3.0 BY is the plan.

Possible trademark infringements

Need Matt Hamilton for this discussion. Tabled.

Adjourned at 21:10 UTC