Minutes for March 7, 2013

Funding for Content Management Strategie 2013 (NL), Plone Symposium Midwest; two new PF members

Paul called the meeting to order at 21:15 UTC



Attending: Carol Ganz, Érico Andrei, Paul Roeland, Steve McMahon, Matthew Wilkes

Absent: Liz Leddy (excused), Matt Hamilton (excused, at CMS Garden)

Approval of the minutes of February 21st

Carol moved approval, Érico seconded

Unanimously approved

+ check if action items were followed up

New Business

Incoming correspondence

  • National portal for Romania

    Received proposal from Alexandru Ghica which matched our guidelines. Paul will communicate that they should go ahead.

  • CMSday France

    With help from Carol, Paul took the lead on getting us a free Bronze Sponsorship, with condition that we publicize and have a person attend. We'll seek up-to four reps, ideally from the French Plone community.

  • Proposal for website maintenance

    The board received a proposal that we commission some paid work to improve the add-on distribution facilities of Plone.Org.

    General agreement that we need requests for support to come from the infrastructure team and they should set priorities.

    Érico noted that we would probably first wish to exploit sponsorship opportunities or existing maintenance agreements first.

    General agreement we're not interested in this proposal now.

    We need to contact the infrastructure team about virtual machine move (which was mentioned in the proposal).

    Matthew and Carol will contact the infrastructure team.

    Steve will reply to Alex.

  • Gartner info request

    Érico has responded to the request.

  • Funding request: Plone Symposium Mid-West

    Request for $500 for keynote speaker travel

    Carol moved approval

    Matthew seconded

    Unanimously approved

  • Funding request: Beer and Cheese sprint

    The request, for $2,000 for a sprint at the PSMW. Topic appears to be framework-related, so we need to ask the Framework Team if they consider it strategic.

    Matthew will contact framework team.

  • Acknowledgement of Jenkins machine sponsorships on Jenkins pages

    jenkins.plone.org. Slaved virtual machines.

    General agreement that we're happy with this.

    Paul will contact Eric.

Old Business

Publish 2013 Budget, notify membership about our financial strategy

Paul has drafted a message, Carol and Steve have edited.

We'll publish to plone.org, send Paul's letter to the membership.

Steve will take care of this. Carol will make a final editing pass.

All three budgets will be published: master, marketing and sprint.

Funding request: Content Management Strategie 2013 (NL)

Paul has talked to Jean-Paul further about this. Agreement that this will be a vendor-neutral representation of Plone.

This is a very important event for the Netherlands.

Request is for $1,900. Carol noted that our budget for this type of event is $1,000. Paul noted that part of this could come from the promotions budget and be generally useful.

Steve moved allocation of $1,000 from marketing and $400 from publications

Carol seconded

Unanimously approved

Paul will contact Jean-Paul

plonedemo.com and similar sites

Paul has contacted interested parties; discussions continuing.

a11y team revamp and a11y vetting

Paul has reported that there will likely be an accessibility sprint at PSMW. Also interest from community members in NL, Italy.

GSOC status

Matthew reported that the application period is opening in just over a week. Kevin is still leading this up. Matthew is keeping up on it. We need to do some more promotion for our proposals. We've almost a month to get this done.

Membership Committee

The membership committee recommends Ramon Navarro Bosch and Philip Bauer.

Matthew moved Ramon, Paul seconded, Unanimous

Matthew moved Philip, Paul seconded, Unanimous

Paul will notify, Steve will add to appropriate lists, groups.

The board also had a brief executive session to hear a report from Matthew on all applications during this period.

Review ongoing: Creative Commons relicensing; plone-user policy, possible trademark infringements, user agreement

Reports from Paul

Plone.com status

Armin has reported significant progress on design. The board looked at the draft.

Sponsorships revamp

No progress; publication of budget is a key step.

Adjourned at 22:35 UTC