Minutes for March 21, 2013

Publication of 2013 Budget



Present: Paul Roeland, Carol Ganz, Steve McMahon, Matt Hamilton, Érico Andrei
Absent: Matthew Wilkes (sick), Elizabeth Leddy
(Carol mentioned that she won't be able to make it in two weeks.)

Approval of the minutes of March 7

Carol moved, Paul seconded
Unanimously approved

+ check if action items were followed up
Steve will check on member notifications

New Business

Incoming correspondence

  • Trademark watch renewal
    2 invoices x $398.40
    Treasurer authorized to pay
    Matt will forward
  • Request for an official policy on @plone.org email accounts
    The board agreed that there is currently no separate policy on @plone.org accounts, and thus they should be treated as other valuable foundation resources. So, unless arranged otherwise by policy or license, use needs to be authorized by the board of directors or its officers and that authorization may be revoked at any time. We noted that this request has come up more than once in the past few months, and it may be worth considering an explicit policy.
    Steve will notify the requester.

(Carol left meeting)

Old Business

Publish 2013 Budget

Final review of correspondence: look OK

Plonedemo.com and similar sites

Paul continuing to correspond on this

CMS Day France

Preparation going well

Sponsorships revamp,

review ongoing: Creative Commons relicensing; plone-user policy, possible trademark infringements, GSOC

Tabled in the absence of a larger group

Plone.com status

We've received updates on continuing progress. A trello board is moving this forward. Excellent mockups.

Report on CMS Garden from Matt

Matt moved approval of t-shirt expense,

364,32 Euro

Érico seconded
Unanimously approved

Adjourned at 21:37 UTC