Minutes for January 10, 2013

Release manager travel fund; Sprint funds for Barcelona, Emerald Sprints

Paul called the meeting to order at 21:05 UTC



Attending: Liz, Matthew, Paul, Steve, Érico

Absent: Matt, Carol (both excused)

Minutes of December 27

Liz moved acceptance, Érico seconded

Unanimously approved

Check if action items were followed up

Letter distribution

Liz got it out to the main list and several language-specific lists; will also go to Plone Dev

New Business


Paul will be meeting with advisors from CC to get their advice on licensing the entire web site

Incoming correspondence
Request for plone-user policy

The board received a request for action under the community guidelines regarding communications on the plone-users mailing list. Board email and IRC discussions led to a proposal for a policy that might assert that 1) plone-users

is covered by behavior policy 2)if one does not want to politely answer newby questions, then don’t; and 3) that we’ll have some degree of moderator activity on #plone-users to enforce graduated sanctions.

Érico noted that the biggest problem is to pick the moderators.


noted python-brazil policy; when working, the list is largely self moderating;

Question raised for discussion: should we be doing more to discourage any use of #plone-users? Quality of support on stackoverflow has been much better. Several board members said they wanted to keep plone-users available.

Liz said that we need to accept that if we adopt the policy, we will eventually have to ban someone.

Steve noted that folks have been banned in the past, but it was done as personal actions by founders.

Noted that if we have moderation, then moderators would act on basis of complaints, not monitoring traffic

Steve asked if we are trying to come up with a bureaucratic response to an individual problem. Maybe we should just take the first level of sanction against the individual.

Paul agreed individual might be better, but we still need policy on what the actions are and how actions are interpreted.

Paul suggested a complaint commission might be a good intermediate mechanism. It could have a board member and two or three others.

No decisions today; Paul will speak with people, Steve will draft language.

Travel funding for release manager

Eric had requested that unused funds from 2012 be made available for a trip to the South Africa Wine Sprint

General discussion that Eric has spent the budget well, and that it’s one of the best things the foundation does. (Liz noted that she has an interest, since her company works with Eric).

Paul proposed 2013 budgeting of $3,000 plus travel expenses for the SA Sprint. Paul noted that $2,500 was unused from last year, and this request was technically made last year, so this would not be a budget increase.

Matthew moved Paul’s proposal, Érico seconded

Unanimously approved

Funding request Barcelona sprint

The board received a request for $2,000 for a Continuous Integration sprint proposed by QA team as a strategic sprint.

Paul suggested $1,500; Liz noted that there aren’t many names yet. Matthew said he thought the list would come up and that this did come as a team request. Liz said she would like to stay in touch on #s attending.

Steve moved allocation of $1,500 to CI sprint,

Matthew seconded

Unanimously approved

Funding request for $2,000 for Plone Open Gardens to fund attendance by Érico for marketing strategy discussions. Question raised: is this a strategic or community sprint? Also noted that they propose to bring Erico, an established person to an established sprint. We prefer funding to promote more diversity.

No action. Paul will contact the organizers to express these concerns and try and bring us back a proposal we can approve.

Wine Sprint (South Africa)
We had approved $1,500. They’ve found money to cover some of their expenses, and may only need $750.

Emerald Sprint

Matthew reported that the Framework Team has nominated this as a strategic sprint on Dexterity. (Matthew, Liz & Steve are probably going to be at this sprint, and disclosed their interest.)

Liz moved allocation of $1,500; Erico seconded.

Unanimously approved

Use of todo/kanban tools for the board

Steve had suggested that a tool like Trello might help keep the board work organized. Paul is admin for a Trello board and will send out invites. This will be a private board.

Old business

Budget creating progress (2013 + long-term proposals), and fundraising

Unknown how current drive is doing.

Liz asked how sponsor acknowledgement process works.

Steve, Matthew and Liz will get together at Emerald sprint to brainstorm sponsorship mechanism improvements.

Budget process

In temporary limbo pending Marketing Committee budget. Delayed due to Matt H’s illness.

Everything else is in reasonably good shape.

Marketing Committee report

Committee members not at this meeting

General discussion that we need to strengthen this team, two persons are not enough.

Plone.com progress/discussion

Concern that this may be going cold again. Last progress a month ago. Determination to press team.

Roadmap Team

Brainstorm on rebooting roadmap process; idea to have upcoming sprints spend some time on roundtable roadmap discussions and recording the results.

Membership Committee

Matthew asked the board to add Jon Stahl and Tom Kapanka to membership committee. They’d missed the original call. Matthew assured us that the committee is not already deliberating, and this won’t be a disruption.

Matthew moved addition of Jon and Tom,

Steve seconded

Unanimously approved

Adjourned at 22:35 UTC