Minutes for February 21, 2013

2013 Budget approved

Paul called the meeting to order at 20:05 UTC



Attending: Paul Roeland, Matthew Wilkes, Steve McMahon, Matt Hamilton, Elizabeth Leddy, Érico Andrei, Carol Ganz

Absent: None

Minutes of January 24

Érico moved approval, Matt seconded

Unanimously approved

New Business

Incoming correspondence

  • Request for accessibility statement

    We received a request to clarify the a11y status of current versions of Plone.

    Paul has been checking on this; this is a non-profit that will do certification for WCAG 2.0 AA: 2-3k USD. Internal checking look very good for anonymous users. We probably would not yet qualify for editing. A common situation.

    PLOG may be a good timeline to get decisions made on this. Some have been working on European standards.

  • IT leadership request

    The board received a request for participation in an IT leadership development program. General agreement PF has no interest. Steve will notify correspondent.

  • plonedemo.com domain name question

    We received correspondence asking if it is possible to use a plone* domain name to supply a demo web site.

    Nobody recalled a specific agreement to allow plonedemo.com to operate with advertising for a particular vendor. General agreement that 6FU is doing a good job with it, but question as to what is fair.

    Carol said it was a lot of work to create, and was intended to be for community us. She suggested sending a message to 6FU asking about their interest going forward.

    Paul said he would would talk to Calvin and Gabrielle about this. He said he would communicate our agreement that 6FU has done a good job with the site.

  • Event funding request for Content Management Strategie Congres 2013

    A $1,900 request for a Dutch event. 300 attendees expected.

    Paul will respond to see if we can get this to become a coordinated effort among NL vendors, for which we could provide some funding.

  • Reimbursement request for Emerald Sprint

    Steve moved to authorized up to amount requested (

    $2,975: $1,500 from sprint funding, $1,475 from earmarked donations),

    minus any costs we incurred, upon presentation of documentation showing legitimate expenses.

    Paul seconded

    Unanimously approved

    Liz will communicate


Review licensing of Archetypes discussion on mailing lists

General agreement no action is required.

Status of Roadmap Team

There’s been general discussion on the mailing list and in in-person meetings at Emerald Sprint. Some agreement among those who spoke that a Roadmap Team is not needed at this time.

Paul suggested there is some use for a short, marketing-purpose document for Plone 5.

Matt asked if where we’re at is “retro-writing” the framework team’s plans to make them digestable to others.

Matt said he’d be willing to work on moving forward such a marketing document. Good chance to work on it at PLOG. What’s happening in 4.3, .4, plans for 5.

Old Business

2013 Budget

Steve moved to approve the budget we’ve drafted, but that it be submitted to the membership with a letter explaining the negative net income and need for fundraising.

Matt seconded

Unanimously approved

Paul will work on letter; Steve will help. Everyone will contribute.

(Érico had to leave the meeting at 22:00)

Plone.com status

Last sprints have brought some genuine progress on design. Work is slow, but advancing.

Sponsorships revamp

Discussions continuing on sponsorship plans, including homepage acknowledgement of major sponsors. Liz is the lead on this.


Paul has been researching questions on operationalization of code of conduct. A report will be coming. He’s also been doing research on bulk relicensing of Plone.Org content to CC license.

GSOC work is happening; waiting for Google to accept organizations. Effort is looking good.

Adjourned at 22:10