Minutes for April 4, 2013

Open meeting at Plone Open Gardens; Discussions of Plone.Com, possible strategic summit

This was an open meeting, shown on the big screen at Plone Open Gardens in Sorrento. The normal agenda was reorganized to make use of those participating

Lot's of hangout problems; Paul called us to order at 20:15 UTC



Attending: Paul Roeland, Steve McMahon, Érico Andrei, Matthew Wilkes, Matt Hamilton, Liz Leddy

Carol (excused)

Participating at PLOG: Maurizio, Armin and many others at PLOG.

Approval of the minutes of March 21

Steve moved approval; Liz seconded

Unanimously approved (with Matthew abstaining)

+ check if action items were followed up; we're in good shape.

Liz noted that she'll be seeking advice of the advisors on sponsorship fees


Liz asked if we have provision for sponsor logos on plone.com

Armin thought it would fit

We'll also want to ask for sponsorships

Liz will communicate with Armin on layout elements

Board will need to resolve question of balance between plone.org and plone.com for acknowledgement.

Matt reported on a PLOG discussion on plone.com

Noted an issue on how we show addons, since plone.com will also attract some interest in that.

Plone.com goals: cut it down as much as possible (in terms of features)

Moving to export so that we can start implementation of design and copywriting.

Liz asked about copywriting/editing. Do we need a professional?

Armin said that the needed text is being recorded on Trello cards. Soon will know how much is required.

Keeping the text content low is a big aim. That simplifies translation problems.

Paul said we're settled on three user stories, small, large, intranet.

Ramon Navaro notified dev list yesterday on progress on plone.org redesign.

Incoming correspondence:

  • Romanian portal has now launched. We congratulate them! Other nations encouraged to update their slimbars.

  • By email, we approved CloudFlare Pro account for *.plone.org @ 20 USD/month. Liz moved, Matthew seconded. Unanimously approved.

  • Logo use request; reviewed by email. Letter sent to authorize use.

Strategic Summit?

Discussion of possible Strategic Summit and the possibility it might be in Europe. Raised as a topic for discussion at PLOG.

General agreement this would likely need to be in 2014 to allow for good attendance and planning.

Adjourned at 20:50 UTC