Minutes for November 29, 2012

Approval of sprint budget, setting criteria for strategic; Wine Sprint funding approved; approval of Brasília Plone Conference proposal.

Called to order at 21:10



Present: Paul, Carol, Steve, Matthew W, Matt H, Érico, Liz

Absent: None!

Approval of the minutes of November 15

Matt H moved approval, Érico seconded

Unanimously approved (Paul, abstaining)

New Business

Incoming correspondence

  • Local Plone promoting info sheet; referred to marketing
  • plonethemes.org
    Concern was about a commercial operation named and themed in a way that might cause confusion with Plone itself.
    General agreement that we’ve no urgent problem with this, but will work on a policy. Paul will contact to encourage the general initiative and indicate our willingness to work with this initiative to get longer-term agreement.
  • Wine sprint funding request - in agenda
  • Funding request: Schwag - Carol will help organize response; this is under marketing budget.

Strategic sprints discussion

Liz proposed we budget for 4 big ($3,000 each) and 6 smaller ($1,500 each)  “strategic” sprints, 15 community sprints with a total $29,500 budget. Liz expressed confidence that improved fundraising can cover this. This will cover Jan-Dec.

Matt H recommended we have flyers or banners for strategic sprints that list all the major sponsors.

Steve moved approval of sprint component of budget as proposed by Liz

Erico seconded
Unanimously approved (Carol abstained, due to missing discussion)

Liz moved that “strategic” sprints be approved by us based on proposals from Plone team leaders. Board will make final determination on which sprints qualify. Board may also initiate.

Steve seconded
Unanimously approved

Paul noted the need to encourage diversity. Steve noted that this is both to encourage diversity by bringing well-known folks to new places and new people to established places.

Paul: also diversity in topics: not just developer-driven sprints. Encourage diverse attendance in terms of interests, skills. Documenters, project leaders, for example, as well as coders.

Liz will reach out to team leaders

“Community” sprints: board will accept proposals; require at least a certain #; this is to cover “pizza” and schwag level funding. Plone-related. Blog post to planet required before reimbursement.

Marketing budget will include schwag possibilities

Liz will work on updating form.

Matthew noted that we have a proposal for a Wine Sprint in Cape Town. There is planning for a simultaneous Munich sprint. Liz noted that esteele is willing to take some planning role.

Matthew W moved approval of Wine Sprint as small strategic sprint, budgetting $1,500.
Érico seconded

Unanimously approved
Paul will contact

Funding request: Schwag

This type of request will generally be handled under marketing budget. 6FU maintains a set of supplies.

Marketing budget

Still in draft status. Organized around events, both conference and opens source. Some cash for events. Schwag for both types. Event list is being updated.

Current draft is for roughly $30,000 for events,

$20,000 for schwag. This will need more refinement, and will need to be put up against the expected revenue side of the budget before finalization.

The spreadsheet for this will move to the collective board area for comments

Oh Roadmap team, where art thou?

Nothing seems to be happening.

We need to push this team back into action, push it to have some leadership. General agreement that we need to prod them into becoming a genuine community-based team with its own sustainable membership.

Liz will communicate.

plone.org team in the making

Liz proposed we ask

Ramon Navarro

to take leadership on this. He’s indicated some willingness to do this.

General agreement.

Discuss raising money for next year

Liz discussed a plan for reaching out to both companies and individuals. Plan for push into end of year. Individual contributions might raise several thousand.

Liz proposed we continue with email discussion

Discuss recovering lost sponsorships

Liz had some analysis of benefits of sponsorship. Noted that providers listing really isn’t all that useful at the moment. Matt noted general uselessness of providers list: it lacks even good geographical breakdown.

$21,000; $35,000 might be possible if we actually improve.

Possibility for a PF t-shirt with sponsors on back

Old business

Proposal Ploneconf 2013 (Brasília, Brazil)

Guests for this agenda item: Tânia Andrea, Marcio


We’ve received a conference proposal from the Brazilia team, also an update, and correspondence about questions.

Paul asked if anyone had any points to discuss

Liz asked about the network proposal and backup plans.

Liz moved accept proposal, Matthew seconded

Unanimously approved (Carol was momentarily off the call)

Guests left meeting

Érico will generate a news item, ask Rose to edit.

Creative Commons Licensing for Plone User Manual

Paul and Steve will coordinate finishing of this. We’ve received go-ahead from principal authors.

Agreed by consensus

Budget creating progress (2013 + long-term proposals)

Ongoing discussion

Discussion of goals and expectations for this term.

Tabled for this meeting

Membership Committee progress report

Proposal hasn’t been pulled together yet.

Marketing Committee report

Nothing more than was already part of discussions

Discussion of Advisory board members

Will be first on old-business agenda for the next meeting.

Plone.com progress/discussion

Work continuing; plone.com is currently redirecting to plone.org

Adjourned at 22:50 UTC