Minutes for December 27, 2012

Continued discussion on Plone domain name vs subdomain name policy.

(In Steve's absence, Matthew recorded these minutes.)



Present: Paul, Carol, Matthew, Érico

Absent: Matt H (excused), Steve (excused), Liz

Last minutes

We only have 2 people who were at the last meeting at this meeting. Quorum is 4.
Érico moves approval of the minutes
Matthew seconds
Approved by consensus

Checking followup

  • Steve and Paul emailed everyone who has been in contact about



  • Paul has received some of the advisor mini bios, not all the photos, would make making a news release difficult, potentially we need to publish without the mini bios.

    Carol noted that we haven't made a statement on wanting advisory board members, Érico proposed that we include rationale for appointments in the news item, especially on regional diversity.

    Paul will chase up the three missing mini bios and we hold off publishing the last set of minutes to coincide. Carol suggests publishing now and add bios as people send them.

    General agreement, Paul will get on that tomorrow.

  • Membership committee —

    have told the members that they're on the committee but not done the bureaucracy yet on mailing list.

Incoming correspondence

martior - subdomain policy: Martin requests that we try not to buy new domains, that we prefer subdomains.
Érico doesn't like the idea that we put everything deep under plone.org, but 2011.ploneconf.org etc would be very useful.
Carol noted that domains aren't that expensive, Matthew and Erico said that the main problem is the admin, especially around ccTLDs.
Matthew suggests that we just put them on ploneconf.org or something unless the organisers really object.
Paul says that the educational symposia and the German conferences will want their own thing. We should offer the possibility to host in the plone*.org domain structure, but if you really want your own domain, just do it.
Carol suggests we table this and tell Kim to go ahead and register it? No policy for now.
General agreement.
There was agreement that any new domain names that are registered should be kept and maintained by the event organisers so they don't get domain squatted.
Matt and Erico believe that the sites themselves should keep working even if it's just a HTML mirror. Érico will contact Kim about the symposium.

Funding request - emerald sprint

Paul thinks they're asking for a lot of money and there's no evidence they're raising their own money. General agreement that it's too much money.
Carol says we should ask Liz. Matt thinks that there team seems to be relatively core already and the location isn't especially new so the board has no business saying this is strategic.
Matt moves that we deny this request and let the framework team know we got this request, and suggest that they consider this request and if they want to sign off on it we'll reconsider.
Paul seconds

Approved by consensus

Old Business


Paul and Carol said they were worried about the status of marketing. Will chase Matt H.

Call for donations

Some of the board have received calls for donations, but it seems that only previous sponsors or donors have received anything. We think that this should go out more widely. Would be better to discuss with Liz.

New Business

Paul noted that the missing people make the rest of the items difficult to discuss, so we should table them.

Érico moved we adjourn the meeting

Carol seconds

Approved by consensus