Minutes for August 9, 2012

Meeting of the Board of Directors

meeting starts at 22:03 CET




  • Attendance
    present: Geir, Carol, Matt, Maurizio, Paul, Érico
    away with notice: Sjoerd (on holiday)
  • Approval of the minutes of July 26, 2012
    Geir moves to approve, Érico seconds. Unanimous approval.


New Business


  • Pycon Booth 2013
    Érico mailed with the organizers. Plone was one of the first open source supporters, and now we also have a booth secured.
  • Intranetizen interview
    A site called intranetizen.com run by a group of intranet professionals has started doing a number of 'interviews' with intranet software 'vendors'. Matt has contacted them to do an interview with Plone, and has called in help from the community to do so. This is short notice, the answers need to be in by monday. (UPDATE: the finalized interview, made with input from various community members, including Karl Horek, Mark Corum and Ken Wasetis, the final interview can now be found at http://intranetizen.com/2012/08/14/vendor-profile-plone/ )
  • Marketing
    The Board discusses more angles towards 'community marketing'.
  • Funding request for Gillbane Boston.
    An official request for funding this event will come in soon, and due to time constraints will have to be dealt with between Board meetings. It will be a multi-vendor event, and is already in the Marketing budget, minus a trivial money difference. That should be fine.


Old Business


  • Transfer of plone.com to the Foundation
    The mechanics are still underway, the relevant people have been brought into contact.
  • Plone.Com.br domain
    This one's solved, finally. It is securely in Foundation hands now.
  • Plone.com progress
    There is some movement, but we need to get more done. The next Tune-Up will again feature work on this, with earlier announcements this time.
  • Plone Foundation and travel grants.
    Carol has done more research into the legal and fiscal consequences of granting for instance travel cost requests for sprints, both for the Foundation and the people receiving grants. Basically, our current practice is fully within legal bounds.

Paul moves to close the meeting, Maurizio seconds. Unanimous approval.