Minutes for May 31st, 2012

Meeting of the Board of Directors

(meeting starts at 22:02 CET)



  • attencance:
    present: Carol, Maurizio, Érico, Geir, Matt, Paul
    absent with notice: Sjoerd
  • Approval of the minutes of May 17th, 2012:
    Érico moves to approve, Maurizio seconds. Geir abstains, the motion carries.


New Business


  • Belgian Beer sprint funding
    The organizers of the sprint have asked for support from the Foundation, to the amount of € 700 (about US$ 1000). This sprint has in previous years given great results, not only in code but also in growing the development community. Carol moves to approve the request, Érico seconds. Unanimous approval.
  • Real Story Group subscription renewal
    Last year, the Plone Foundation had a subscription to this valuable reporting channel, shared by many foundation members. We will try to renew the deal. Action: Geir, Carol.
  • Plone Foundation Membership recommendation.
    The Board has received a unanimous proposal by the Membership Committee to approve Rok Garbas as new member of the Foundation. The Board gladly goes along with this recommendation.
    Paul moves to approve Rok Garbas as Foundation Member. Geir seconds. Unanimous approval.
    Welcome, Rok!
  • Relicensing request for plone.indexer
    There is a request from Sean Upton to re-license the package plone.indexer to the BSD license, to make it easier to use in non-Plone projects. The technical requirements for this has been met, the relevant people have been asked, and so the the Board agrees to this.
    Geir moves to approve the re-licensing, Érico seconds. Unanimous approval.


Old Business


  • Plone.conf update
    As Sjoerd is absent, a full report is not available. The preparations are on track, though.
  • Domain disputes
    the .org.br domain (Brazil) cannot legally be transferred to the Foundation, due to Brazilian legislation. The domain is in good hands, though.
    the .cat and .be domains are being transferred to legal counsil.
    the plone.us domain is in the process of being transferred to the Foundation.
  • Acknowledging contributions to the Plone Foundation
    The Board needs to check if the acknowledgments on plone.org for the various companies and individuals that support the Plone infrastructure are still in line with the actual, current situation.
    Also, the process behind renewing sponsorships should be streamlined.
  • Contributor agreement update
    Various comments have been made on the contributor agreement, this should be finished soon now and then be transferred over to legal counsil.
    Various other discussions on how other opensource projects handle this came up, they will be looked in before the next meeting.

Érico moves to adjourn the meeting, Maurizio seconds. Unanimous

(meeting ends at 23:27 CET)