Minutes for Sept 8, 2011

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Calvin called the meeting to order at 12:18pm PDT



Present: Geir, Calvin, Mark, Alex, Steve, Jon
Absent: Matt

Approve Minutes for Aug 25th board meeting

Jon moved to approve minutes from August 25th.
SteveM seconded.

Marketing Committee

Mark reported that the Marketing Committee is working on new "20 Questions about Plone" article for plone.org, coming soon.  Also working on articles about PLIPs, new Windows installers, conference trainings.

Membership Committee

Jon report that the Membership Committee unanimously recommended the approval of Ross Patterson's membership application.

Jon moved to approve Ross Patterson's membership application.
Mark seconded

Anti-Harrasssment Policy

Mark will redraft previous suggestion to frame as a recommendation and cut specifics.
Jon will assist

Real Story Group report purchase

Geir is working with Toby on collecting the final payments.

Discussion of allocating Foundation copies.  Agreement on: Mark Corum, Jon Stahl, Eric Steele, Hanno Schlichting, Laurence Rowe, David Glick

Plone Job Board

Mark moved to approve second draft of Plone Job Board proposal from Jon as a Kudo Bounty Mission.
Second: Geir

Jon will work with Mark to publicize.  Jon will serve as customer.

Plone.com domain

Calvin reported that we now have control of the plone.com domain! (w00t!)

Preliminary discussion of how to use the plone.com domain.  Mark recommended having a separate site at plone.com, as a public-facing marketing site rather than the community/development, which should stay on plone.org.  Unanimous agreement.

Mark reported that the marketing team has been working on plans since the board decided to pursue the domain, and is going to kick it into gear on developing site architecture so that we can work on content and implementation as part of  Plone Conference 2011.

Steve raised the notion of making plone.com very internationalized, as a second-iteration priority.

Geir suggested that the Plone Foundation be willing to allocate financial resources should the Marketing Team request them.

Calvin will put in place a 302 redirect pointing to plone.org.  Mark will get an article up on plone.org tomorrow.

Learnplone.org domain transfer

Jon reported. that Groundwire would like to transfer ownership of the domain learnplone.org to the PF.  They have no plans to further update the content that is currently there.

Mark moved to accept transfer of learnplone.org

Geir seconded


Geir will put Martin in contact with Jon Baldivieso at Groundwire.

Plone 4.1 Release Manager payment.

Steve moved we approve payment of $2500 to Eric Steele or his agent for the release of Plone 4.1
Mark seconded
In favor: All

Upcoming board election votebot

[Jon reported that Hanno would like us to]
Jon moved to appoint Alec Mitchell and Tom Lazar
SteveM seconed.

Jon to follow up with AlecM and Tom.

Calvin moved to adjourn
SteveM: seconded
In favor: All

Meeting adjourned at 1:19pm PDT