Minutes for March 24, 2011

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

(Mark took minutes, as Steve was in transit and unable to take notes)



        Calvin, Steve, Mark, Jon, Matt, Toby, (Alex joined by IRC and later by phone)


Approve Minutes for February 24th, 2011 board meeting

        Calvin Moved, Jon seconded, unanimously approved

Approve Minutes for March 7th, 2011 board meeting

        Calvin Moved, Mark seconded, unanimously approved

Committee Reports (marketing, membership)

Marketing Team

        - 2 Events have been held since last meeting - NTEN - 1500 people, 150 demos


      - Raised request for support for Kiwi Pycon - board will support (already in the budget)

Membership committee

- nothing to report


Old business

Domain acquisition progress

Still underway (Calvin)

Plone roadmap - Plone 3.3.6 release date? Plone 5 roadmap document status

Matt will check with Alan Hoey about the date on 3.3.6

Mark will talk to Geir about the progress on this

Committers/contributor agreement auditing -- update

Notes have gone out to folks who we don't have agreements with, folks who haven't answered will have their access revoked 

SFLC legal details on patches

Geir is working on this issue

Fundraising Letter / Sponsorships on Plone

Mark discussed the fundraising letter he wrote last September, the board agreed to send it out when the plone.net migration was done. Since that is done, we can move forward.

Jon and Toby are working on fixing the Paypal links.

Sponsorship pages and buttons



Calvin will send out the note to the membership - Jon will provide help on how to explain to donors.

Plone.org Production Release Process was discussed

Plone Announcements Mailing List

Motion made to move all mailing lists to OSU/OSL Mailman lists architecture. 

Matt seconded. Unanimous approval.  Jon suggested moving the announce list off of Feedburner because of the level of traffic.  Steve says Sean Fulmer manages the list, so he can get us access to the list of people on the lists.

New business

Plone Conference Next Steps

(move to beginning of meeting with Conf Organizers?)

The group discussed the money issue (taking of payments).

Steve proposed having Matt, Toby and Jon work with Tom and Liz to figure out the ticketing and payment issue.         

They will Propose a solution to the board.

GSOC Session at PSU

Mark suggested that the board should hold a session at the Plone Symposium East to welcome and recognize participants and mentors in the Google Summer of Code program. Board felt that having so many board members there, this made sense and we would work on particulars between now and the next meeting.

No more new business being necessary, the meeting was adjourned.