Minutes for June 30, 2011

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors



Attending: Calvin, Jon, Steve, Matt, Mark, Geir, Alex
Absent: None
Also: Elizabeth Leddy for conference organizers

Plone Conference Organizers

Liz: SFSU is going to bring us onto their insurance policy for a not-unreasonable fee

Liz: Training rooms will also be done through SFSU

Calvin said he was surprised to see a training schedule announcement, and asked if an open call for trainers could be organized in place of the announced schedule.
Mark and Calvin said they recalled no previous mention of independent organizing of talks
Jon and Steve recalled we had heard about it.
Mark said he’d received complaints about lack of an open call for training and said all previous conferences he'd had any involvement with had open calls and that it was a serious problem that this one did not.
Jon recalled that, of previous conferences, only Bristol had an open call. Jon noted that the reason training is organized early, usually without an open call, is to get it out there before folks are making travel plans.
Calvin said that he felt that the process had excluded people.
Liz noted that getting rooms in downtown SF is expensive, and five-person classes really won’t work out.
Matt said he generally liked the idea of an open call, but recalled that training cancellations after last year's open call were a real problem. (About half the training schedule was cancelled after poor registration.)
Liz noted that it was out front from the very beginning that training was independently organized.
Calvin said the foundation should step in to take control of the training.
Liz argued too late now.
Calvin said he accepted it might be too late.
No motion or action.

Registrations so far: 57

Call for talks anticipated by end of next week

Liz off call at 12:30pm

Approve Minutes for June 16th, 2011 board meeting

Calvin moved approval
Matt seconded
Approved with Mark abstaining due to no time to read

Committee Reports (marketing, membership)

No reports from Marketing or Membership

Old business

Plone roadmap - Plone 3.3.6 release date? Plone 5 roadmap document status

Pre-release out for 3.3.6
Final release will include latest hotfix

Switched to Fuse due to problems with Calliflower
Resumed at 12:52
Lost Limi

Real Story CMS Market Analysis License Request

Discussion of possible sharing of report subscription within foundation; Geir has obtained subscription prices for 20 ($500 each) or 125 ($160). Full price is $1,950.
Jon suggested we poll membership and see how many would pay. Steve noted we could mix foundation member subscriptions and important dev/marketing folks.
Matt suggested using ChipIn. Calvin noted we could do it for a threshold like 14 or 15. Then, PF would buy the rest.
Geir volunteered to do the setup/notification
Calvin moved to authorize purchase of up-to six copies for strategic distribution, the rest to go to other foundation members.
Steve seconded
Unanimously approved

Windows installer change

No movement on this

ZEA Indian Trademark Transfer

Dave Powsner e-mailed by Matt; He’s still up for representing us. This is referred to him.
Matt will ask for feedback on possibility of getting word mark protected.
Matt will also ask him if we may refer a recent trademark question.

Possible trademark abuse

Matt will also refer this to Dave Powsner

Creation of a Roadmap Team

Geir suggested formalizing the discussion that is currently going on in informal groups.
So, we’d make the existing informal group formal. Framework team would still have say on technical issues. This would be strategic.
Possibles: Calvin HP, Mark Corum, Matt Hamilton, Geir Bækholt, David Glick, Hanno Schlichting, Laurence Rowe, Martin Aspeli. This would be a core that would seek additional representation.
Division of labor with Framework Team would need clarity.
Jon noted that he thinks the Framework Team already expects this division of labor. 

Geir moved the formalization of a roadmap team including Calvin HP, Mark Corum, Matt Hamilton, Geir Bækholt, David Glick, Hanno Schlichting, Laurence Rowe, Martin Aspeli
Matt seconded
Unanimously approved

The job of the roadmap team would be:

  • Be the entity that keeps track of Plone direction from an end user and business perspective.
  • Establish and maintain the roadmap for where Plone should be heading
  • Stay in touch with the users of Plone and gather their wishes and problems
  • Provide business cases and wishes for the framework team
  • Provide the framework team with strategic guidance (like a board does to a company director)
  • Encourage the community to assist in particular directions
  • Present the roadmap externally
  • Choose a spokesperson early

Mark left call

Licensing policy for Diazo themes

Steve and Jon had forwarded a draft policy to the board
Deferred due to meeting already running long

In-kind sponsor Acknowledgement Policy

Not ready to discuss

Homepage News

Not ready to discuss

New business

Security Patch Process

Calvin said he thought the security team had moved too fast to issue a notice on a vulnerability that already existed for some time and that he thought could have waited until longer after the previous announcements.
Geir noted that the team has already discussed that they could have taken more time with this.
Calvin asked that the team send a formal process to the board for approval.
Geir said he didn’t want it to look like the board was trying to control their process.
Geir suggested letting this wait for a bit to avoid putting pressure on team.
Calvin said the security team’s perceived competence has been taken down a notch.
Jon said that simple checklists could improve this. Geir said this is already being worked on.

No motion or action

Agreed to try Fuse for next meeting. Calvin will arrange
Adjourned at 2pm.