Minutes for June 16, 2011

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Calvin called the meeting to order at 12:03pm PDT



Attending: Steve, Jon, Matt, Calvin, Alex (late), Mark (late, excused)
Plus Liz and Tom for first agenda item
Absent: Geir (excused)

Plone Conference Organizers (Conference Budget)

Final venue contract has been submitted (signing and payment already approved)
Still working on insurance; should come soon.

Spanky and Liz showed a new budget that will be in the black even with no sponsorships
Ticket sales have begun; 30+ tickets already sold

Steve notified the board that he may be a trainer at the conference, from which he would financially benefit.

Training rooms may be added to budget and may require another contract with venue

Alex joined call (12:17 pm)

Spanky discussed a little contingency planning if ticket sales are under 400. Budget is in good shape if 400 tickets sold. Would require amendment if fewer.

Calvin asked for a number at the next meeting for reimbursements.

Tom and Liz left call at 12:27pm

Approve Minutes for June 2nd, 2011 board meeting

Jon moved to approve minutes
Matt seconded
Unanimously approved

Committee Reports (marketing, membership)

Nothing to report

Old business

Plone roadmap - Plone 3.3.6 release date? Plone 5 roadmap document status

Concern that 3.3.6 has still not arrived. It may be necessary to appoint a new 3.3.x release manager. Possibilities discussed.

Mark joined call at 12:31pm

Real Story CMS Market Analysis License Request

Deferred in Geir’s absense

Windows installer change

Alan has replied to the earlier decision with some new points; concerns remain about the possibility of prominently linking to non open-source software.

No motion or action

ZEA Indian Trademark Transfer

Deferred in Geir's absence

Possible trademark abuse

Confused discussion due to conference call cutouts. No action

Creation of a Roadmap Team

No motions or action

Strategic Sprint Funding

Steve suggested doing some budgeting for strategic sprints for specific upcoming sprints. (Bristol UI sprint travel was funded at last meeting along with sprint travel funding for release manager.)

Mark said he didn’t want to just fund strategic sprints since it would be funding the same core contributors and wouldn’t spread it out enough. Calvin agreed, suggested offering general funding for sprints rather than funding oriented to core contributors.

Jon suggested having a general policy like the event-funding policy for non-strategic.

Mark suggested that if it’s to be called a strategic sprint, the board should set the goals and control the details; Calvin noted agreement. Mark also argued that these should be called "tactical" rather than strategic.

Jon noted that the original purpose of the discussion was funding some developer-driven sprints around core development.  Alex and Steve said that was their understanding also. Matt noted the Bristol sprint was organized by Martin Aspeli.

Matt expressed an interest in maintaining a division between general, open-sprint proposal funding and sprints organized to move key, roadmap features forward.

Calvin said we will just put up the general proposal call. (No motion or vote).

PyOhio Sponsorship Request

Board received an event-funding request from PyOhio for sponsorship. Calvin noted that 6Fu will attend and sponsor.

Calvin moved to not sponsor PyOhio
Steve seconded
Motion unanimously approved

Licensing policy for Diazo themes

Question of licensing for Diazo themes that do not import Plone components. There are issues around both licensing and plone.org listing.

Alex, Calvin and Matt noted that a substantial market may grow up around these.
Matt noted that we need metadata distinctions between commercial and open-source themes. Steve agreed, noting that it must be possible to do separate searches. Also suggested that we may want a “theme provider” classification in the business listings.

Infrastructure questions: metadata for commercial licenses; guidelines around uploading non open-source; offering CC license choice. Most of the implementation of this is in PSC.

Policy questions: do we need a statement on policy for themes that don’t import from Plone. Jon and Steve will draft that.

Jon and Steve will also scout out needed PSC changes.

New business

In-kind sponsor Acknowledgement Policy

Devaus has made some very generous contributions of hardware availability for Jenkins cluster testing. Raises question of how we acknowledge this type of substantial in-kind contribution. OSU/OSL is a similar contributor.
Jon proposed adding an in-kind section to the donors and sponsors page to cover substantial in-kind services. Also acknowledge in footers (for example, Jenkins lead page). Jon will draft a policy.

Homepage News

Mark said he was concerned about some un-grammatical, potentially embarrassing news items on homepage. Suggested we need much tighter control over publishing review for news items.

Mark said he will draft for board review some guideline.

Matt suggested that it might be possible to implement this in workflow policy (for example, never publishing own work). But, maybe not really needed.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm