Minutes for July 28, 2011

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Matt called us to order at 12:08pm PDT



Attending: Mark, Steve, Matt, Alex
Absent: Geir, Calvin, Jon; all excused.
For conference organizers: Elizabeth Leddy

Plone Conference Organizers

Liz reported payment of insurance fee is complete
Got enough talk proposals that no extension was necessary
There will be a vote to gather feedback on proposals next week
Someone is being hired to work on the party
Liz asked what traditional elements of the conference might need big rooms
Steve disconnected at 12:19pm
Steve back on at 12:35

Approve Minutes for July 14th, 2011 board meeting

Mark moved acceptance of minutes with changes to his comments:

Correction 1:
Change “Mark objected that this would be read as not supporting windows” to:
Mark stated that having the community no longer provide an installer
for Windows and offering support only through a third-party installer
could be seen as Plone dropping support for Windows.

Correction 2:
Change “Mark objected that this would be interpreted as “Plone is not supporting Windows” and would be a marketing disaster. Mark said he didn’t want to block action though.” to:
Mark restated that not having a community installer for Windows could
be seen as Plone withdrawing support from Windows. One of Plone's main
selling points has always been that binary installers are available
all major operating systems. There is no way to spin that change that
stops it from being a marketing disaster.  But Mark said that if the
rest of the group favored of approving the action, he wouldn't block

Matt seconded
Mark withdrew motion
Matt moved approval as submitted
Matt and Steve voted affirmative; Mark and Alex abstained (Alex was not at that meeting.)
Minutes approved

Approve Minutes for July 25th, 2011 special board meeting

Matt moved acceptance of minutes as amended (minor changes during discussion)
Steve seconded
Unanimously approved

Committee Reports (marketing, membership)

Mark has gotten many suggestions for sites to be featured in news
15 questions about Plone are being revised

Old business

ZEA Indian Trademark Transfer & Possible trademark abuse
No progress on this; deferred

In-kind Sponsor Acknowledgement Policy

Mark said that he believed we may be doing this in an inconsistent way, we may need a policy to avoid hurt feelings. Now it’s a problem of trying to figure out what will make people happy.
Lost Matt at 12:53pm
Back on at 12:57pm
Matt agreed we need a policy, but it will be hard to do a valuation.
Steve suggested that there are only a few significant in-kind contributions and that they can be taken up individually. Shorter-term or smaller.
No motion or action.

Security Patch Process Update (2 week checkin)

Nobody knew what this agenda item was for.
Lost Limi at 1pm (disconnect), still participating via IRC

Real Story Group Report

We’d previously considered having the Foundation cover 4 of the subscriptions ($2,000), but there are only 12 commitments, so we’d need to buy 8 ($4,000).
We can still try and seek commitments.
Mark moved we allocate $4,000 for this purpose
Matt seconded
Unanimously approved with +1 proxies from Geir and Calvin

Adjourned at 1:10pm