Minutes for July 25, 2011

Special Meeting of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Calvin called us to order at 2:05 PDT



Attending: Matt, Calvin, Jon, Steve, Mark, Alex (joined a few minutes into the meeting)
Absent: Geir (excused)

Approve Minutes for July 14th, 2011 board meeting

Steve noted that the minutes had been annotated (in brackets) to note the reconsideration of the Windows Installer action.
Calvin moved approval of the minutes.
Mark moved to postpone approval of the minutes as he had several changes he wanted made.
Mark also said he wanted to approve the 2011/07/14 minutes at the same time as the minutes for this meeting.
Motion died for lack of a second.

New business

Certification of Reconsideration Vote

Certification of an email vote to rescind a vote taken by the board on July 14th:
Text of the rescinded motion:
Steve McMahon moved that we tell the release manager and Enfold that it's OK to link to a Windows installer that may include non-open source components so long as it's marked as provide by the vendor and provided on storage other than the Plone Foundation's.

This was seconded by Geir and unanimously approved.

Mark Corum moved via email on July 21 that "we rescind our July 14th action that would have allowed for the release manager to provide a link to an externally sourced Windows installer.” Votes were taken over a 24-hour period. 6 votes in favor, none opposed, Limi did not register a vote.

Mark moved to certify the motion “as recorded on the 22nd”
Jon seconded
Unanimously approved

Old business

Windows installer change

Mark said he was concerned there would be outrage if anything is done without agreement from developers.
Jon suggested communicating the “facts on the ground” to the developer list, to gauge reaction. Otherwise, this is not really board business.
Mark said he didn’t want the developers to say “why did you do this?”
(Alex joined call.)

Review of details for Limi
Background: production of the Windows installer has become a bit slow and uneven. Enfold is willing to resume responsibility, but would like to include a link to a free version of the Enfold Proxy so that it could be used with IIS.

Alex said he didn’t think this is a problem, so long as we allow for other installers is someone steps up. Noted the historically unique role of Enfold.
Jon suggested really a community discussion.
Mark said he saw a big problem with the possibility that someone might perceive this to be provided by Enfold and not Plone.
Alex said he’d be OK if the Enfold branding was removed up until the completion of the installer run.
Alex said he could do some screenshots of how the installer should look. He is willing to work with Alan on the UI.
Mark noted that this should still be discussed by the community.
Alex noted that when we do put it to the community, it needs to be very specific.
Steve noted he would have gone with the previous action and that it wasn’t that big a deal, and lack of progress may substantially delay getting a windows installer for 3.3.6, 4.0.8 and 4.1.
Calvin said he agreed with those saying this isn’t a foundation discussion.

Alex will talk to Alan about installer UI.
Jon will draft an MOU for Enfold and this will be used to open the developer discussion.

Steve asked if the board would object if the release managers went ahead and released 3.3.6, 4.0.8 and 4.1 without Windows Installers. Long discussion, many points of view, but general agreement that there is no board policy on which installers need to be available for a release.

No motions; no official actions.

Adjourned at 3:05pm PDT