Minutes for January 27, 2011

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors



Attending: Calvin, Geir, Steve, Jon, Mark, Alex
Absent: Matt

Approve Minutes for January 13th, 2011 board meeting

Calvin moved approval; Jon seconded
Unanimously approved

Old business

Domain acquisition progress

No change

Plone roadmap

Plone 3.3.6 release date
Matt checking with Alan
Plone 5 roadmap document status
No change; Geir, Mark, Hanno talking; probably two more weeks

Committers/contributor agreement auditing -- update

Jon is continuing the audit and followup; progress continuing

SFLC legal details on patches

Geir heard back from SFLC, but nothing substantive yet; still working on it

Fund a Windows license for testing purposes

Jon learned how Zope Foundation got MSDN membership providing the needed licensing. But, technet may be much easier. Mark believes it will meet our needs. Jon’s going to go ahead and get us a copy.

Plone "Thank You" Ads/Bounty Program

Mark reports that 14 members responded, all favorably; many were interested in contributing within the program.
Steve expressed concern that 14 was a low #, and that’s low for the kind of participation we’d need.
Calvin and Geir suggested that most participants will probably not be foundation members, so it’s not really that bad.
Jon said he viewed this as a green light to go to the larger community for feedback. Geir and Calvin argued for just trying it.
Calvin asked if there were any other objections; Steve expressed concern about potentially giving more recognition to contribution to this program than to premium sponsors.
Jon pointed out importance of this being a very short list of tasks: things that are invisible, and not getting done.  This reduces danger of disincentivizing other contributions.
Mark noted that is in his mind a substitute for paying for development. Geir noted this is better than paying into volunteer community.
Mark moved this go ahead, as proposed, and develop an initial list of projects, on a trial basis for 90 days, evaluation following.
Geir seconded.
Unanimously approved

lists.plone.org update

lists.plone.org working; good enough for now. Will re-eval when new hardware available.

New business

Server replacement for Deus

Calvin reported that proposal has been reduced in consultation with admins and Lance @ osu. OSU folks are being very accommodating.
Calvin noted that he’s not generally in favor of our purchasing hardware, but this is a good deal with OSU doing hardware admin, bandwidth, backup.
Dell R210, upgraded in respond to Lance’s comments, $1,700.
Calvin noted that his VM strategy would be to put one OS on this machine, and buy another machine if/when we need a VM configuration. OSU will do fundamental OS/db management, including trac/mailman admin.
Steve moved allocation of up to $2,000 for execution of this plan
Mark seconding
Unanimously approved

Foundation Membership Merit Guidelines

Jon has been working to convey to membership committee that it is the board’s understanding that paid/unpaid contributions are not to be weighed differently.

Plone Conference

Calvin asked if there’s any objection to moving both proposals to the community
Jon proposed putting it to the community for discussion first; later move to vote.
Calvin proposed discussion Monday->Monday; then move to vote.
Steve will notify teams and put proposals on plone.org; discussion Monday->Monday; voting afterwards.

Google Calendar Access

Steve will set up accounts @plone.org for board members, which will make it easier to deal with a shared calendar.

[Jon had to leave meeting at 1pm]


Do we still want to pursue protection of word mark? This was allocated last year, but not done then. If we waited 3 months, this might be funded in part by grant. Geir will check on details, including US word-mark status.
General agreement that this can wait a few months.

Adjourned at 1:10pm

Next meeting February 10; Noon PST