Minutes for February 24, 2011

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors



Attending: Calvin, Steve, Jon, Matt, Geir, Mark, Toby
Absent: Alex (excused)

Approve Minutes for February 10th, 2011 board meeting

Calvin moved approval
Matt seconded
Unanimously accepted

Committee Reports (marketing, membership)

Membership Committee
The membership committee has recommended for approval:

  • Elizabeth Leddy
  • Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker
  • Thomas Desvenian
  • Vincent Fretin

Not recommended at this time

  • Peter Holzer
  • Jean-mat Grimaldi

Jon moved approval of recommended candidates
Steve seconded
Unanimously approved
Jon will notify candidates
Mark will notify membership
Steve will add privileges and list membership

Bounties for development server setup and plone.org header accepted

Officer Report (treasurer)

Tax return is available for review, Toby asked the board in particular check the yes/no responses.

Old business

Domain acquisition progress

Physical letter sent; no response.

Plone roadmap - Plone 3.3.6 release date?

Moving toward release by end of month

Plone 5 roadmap document status

Geir has been corralling developers; Mark will assist with document.

Committers/contributor agreement auditing -- update

Jon has sent updates to the list. A request has been made for a few of the missing agreements. Old agreements that were not in the repository are being scanned.

SFLC legal details on patches

We’ll add to the list of requests a refinement of the dev agreement

Plone Conference

Steve moved we send the conference proposals to the membership for an advisory vote
Jon seconded
Unanimously approved

Fundraising Letter / Sponsorships on Plone

Now that Plone.Net is moved and restyled, we’re ready to send out a fundraising letter.
SIgnup page needs to be recreated. Jon will take care of that.
Calvin is ready to make some phone calls when the letter is out.

New business

Plone.net hosting sponsorship

Jon proposed giving Pilot Systems a free premium sponsorship through end of 2011 in recognition of the value of their work on plone.net
Mark seconded
Unanimously approved
Jon will do notification

New Product Roundup

Mark proposed a regular news item to summarize new and changed add-on products.
General agreement this is a good idea

Plone.org Production Release Process

Calvin: Do we need a team to have responsibility for change process for Plone.Org?
Jon: perhaps a team with one person each from marketing/communications, docs, board, admins?
Group would be responsible for process.
Calvin will check in with docs, communications, admin team. Maybe a three-person team to result.

Plone Announcements Mailing List

Deferred ‘til Alex available

Adjourned at 11:55pm