Minutes for April 7, 2011

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors



Attending: Jon, Steve, Mark, Matt, Geir, Toby

Absent: Calvin (excused), Alex (sick)

Plone Conference Organizers

We’ll reserve a spot on the agenda here for time with conference organizers. Matt will contact them to let them know this is available.

Finance suggestion: Jon suggested we check to see if we can get an authorize.net merchant account and see if we might get better rates.

Approve Minutes for March 24th, 2011 board meeting

Matt moved approval, Mark seconded

Unanimously approved

Committee Reports (marketing, membership)

Marketing:  First three bounty missions are finished

Membership: Nothing new

Old business

Domain acquisition progress

Calvin has heard back finally, need to send offer

Matt moved, Mark seconded, move to exec session

Entered executive session

Exited executive session

Plone roadmap - Plone 3.3.6 release date

Alan says imminent; final bugs planned for tune up April 15th.

Plone 5 roadmap document status discussed

Committers/contributor agreement auditing -- update

No change from last meeting

SFLC legal details on patches

SFLC may not be able to respond soon. Geir, Jon and Steve will work on a draft memo/policy to distribute to folks who work in svn. Will come back to board before distribution.

Jon left meeting at 1pm PDT.

New business

Annual Plone Awards

Mark has drafted an outline of how some awards from the PF might be made at the conference. These would be awards based on community/PF contributions outside of core development. Categories to be developed. Votes by PF board.

Matt moved to authorize announcement at PSE; details to be developed; budgeted at $500. Geir seconded.

Unanimously approved

PSE 2011 Travel Sponsorships

Mike Halm has asked if the PF can make available some travel funds for PSE 2011. In the past, the PF has declined to sponsor regional conferences, but we have made travel subsidies available in the past.

Mark moved we fund up to $2,000 for travel and that we ask for recognition.

Steve seconded.

Unanimously approved with Matt abstaining.

Steve will contact Mike Halm.


Matt adjourned the meeting