Minutes for October 21, 2010 Meeting

Minutes - October 21st



Attendance - Geir Baekholt, Roberto Allende, Mark Corum, Matt Hamilton

Quick Committee status reports (IP, Membership, Marketing)
IP - No report
Membership - No report
Marketing - No report

Old business

Approve minutes Minutes for October 7, 2010 -
Matt moved to accept, Roberto seconded

Domain acquisition progress?
Calvin has made initial contact by voicemail

Corrections/Approval for annual report
The board discussed the report to be presented at the Annual Meeting.
A question was raised about funds from Budapest Conference. Group discussed the possibility of updating the annual report to represent these funds.  Toby said the funds would not affect the numbers, just generate a footnote.  Toby to contact conference organizers and report back to the board.

Diversity statement proposal
Board discussed distribution to the membership via the membership list.
Geir will send out tonite.  This will give time for comment prior to the annual meeting.
Group discussed wording.  Board recommends, membership approves by vote at annual meeting.

Board Elections 2010
Deadline will be enforced.  Time zone is Bristol. We will send out a
reminder notice.  Mark will send to group tonite a reminder draft and
post Friday.

Sponsorships letter
Mark will write and send to the group tonite for comment and ideas.

New business

The Board discussed a Trademark issue (closed session)
No action was taken.  Calvin Parker will follow up and report back to the board.

* The Board discussed a request from Open Forum Europe (closed session)
No action was taken.

* The board discussed policy on Community members acting on behalf of the foundation (closed session)  No action was taken.

* POSSCON attendance - Mark Corum will contact them about Plone being involved