Minutes for September 9, 2010

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Geir called us to order at Noon PDT



Present: Matt, Geir, Roberto, Mark, Steve, Calvin
Absent: Alex (unexcused)

Approve minutes http://plone.org/foundation/meetings/minutes/minutes-for-august-26-2010-1

Geir moved approval; Matt seconded
Unanimously approved

Quick Committee status reports

Steve is prodding membership committee towards having latest round of recommendations for our 10/7 meeting.
IP Committee continues to be moribund; we’ll aim for a reboot after seating of new board.
Marketing managed the first round of publicity around Plone 4. Alex, Jon Stahl, Sean Kelly did a lot of work at the end. Probably too much done at end, but still a big splash.
Mark is going to be running a political campaign for November; so he probably won’t make it to the conference. We’ll need a proxy for the conference. That may be Matt, though he’ll have other responsibilities.

Old business

domain acquisition progress;

Calvin will be pursuing this over the next couple of weeks.

New business

Membership renewal process

this process is starting again. Steve will notify membership of process details.

User Group web sites (Mark)

Discussions about deployment of group sites on plone.org; general agreement this is a good idea. Mark will send a more concrete message to board list.

Sponsorships (Mark)

Mark is working on a sponsorship-solicitation letter. A draft will be out to a board+advisors list soon. This should include a brochure. Steve will get in an annual report for the Plone Foundation. This may all become part of conference handouts.

Annual Meeting Preparation

General and preliminary discussions of content for annual meeting and what its content should be. A change from past: discussed idea of having election results announced and recognized at the meeting.
No action.

Geir adjourned us at 1pm PDT