Minutes for September 23, 2010

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

(Mark Corum acted as minute-keeper for this meeting, as Steve was on the road.)



Present: Calvin Hendryx Parker, Steve McMahon. Mark Corum, Matt Hamilton, Geir Baekholt, Alexander Limi

Minutes Approval

Mark moved, Geir seconded. Unanimous approved.

IP Committee Report

Not active at this time


Beginning of next month - new round - several applications already in.


Plone 4 release marketing materials

Old Business

Domain Aquisition

Calvin in charge, just getting started

New Business

Sponsorship request -

jBoye conference  -
Francesco Ciraci has asked for unspecified support
Board very supportive of the effort, wants to see what can be done for
additional visibility for Plone.  Moved to reject because it doesn't
provide significant visibility.

Release process, Plone 3.3 series

Went into closed session to discuss
Returned to public session (no action)

Survey? Brought up by Jon Stahl

Board is in favor of doing a much more targeted version by email -
this one is too long


Hanno will handle elections
What is the lead time?
Steve will send out around Oct 2 a call for nominations

Plone Conference 2010. Member's meeting

Company memberships question
Diversity statement presentation


Materials for conference -
Steve working on annual report
Diversity statement