Minutes for November 11, 2010

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Geir called us to order at 12:10pm



Attending: Mark, Jon, Alex, Steve, Matt, Geir, Toby, Calvin

Approve minutes Minutes for annual membership meeting, October 27th, 2010

Geir moved approval; Jon seconded
Unanimously approved

Board Minutes for October 21

Deferred to next meeting

Appoint officers for new board term 2010-2011 (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer)

Toby is willing to serve again; Geir moved Toby for treasurer; Steve seconded
Unanimously approved

Mark nominated Calvin; Matt seconded
Geir nominated Steve; Jon seconded
Steve and Calvin temporarily left the meeting
Calvin selected; Calvin and Steve abstained

Geir handed over chairing of the meeting to Calvin

Vice President
Steve nominated Matt; Geir seconded
Unanimously approved

Geir nominated Steve; Calvin seconded
Unanimously approved

Appoint advisory board members?

Tabled for 2 weeks

Old business

Domain acquisition progress

Calvin still working on this; slow progress making contact

Diversity Statement

Discussed various posting locations on plone.org, including foundation policy section, dev.

Fundraising /sponsorship note to members

Mark’s mailing didn’t reach the list; Tabled

Trademark issue (closed session)

Moved into executive session at 12:55pm
Left executive session at 1pm; no action

New business

Diazo ownership and licensing

Board has received request from Laurence Rowe to relicense under modified BSD.
Diazo is currently moving into Foundation control.
Steve moved relicensing of Diazo under modified BSD; Geir seconded
Unanimously approved
Steve moved we accept transfer of diazo.org to foundation; Jon seconded
Unanimously approved

Sponsorship request (EESTEC Neoplanta sprint)

Jon moved approval of 200 Euro for sprint sponsorship; Geir seconded.
Unanimously approved

Plone tuneup awards?

Discussed possibility of making some sort of contribution on behalf of tuners. Perhaps a conference scholarship fund?

Hardware needed?

Calvin will serve as liaison to plone.org admins group

Deferred items:


  • Approval of standard boilerplate text about Plone and Plone Foundation for inclusion on all Plone press releases.
  • Recording the e-mail vote on the 3.x release manager.
  • E-Mail vote 4-0 in favor; confirmed unanimously
  • Committers/contributor agreement auditing  (how can we make sure all committers have signed the agreement? Is our process solid enough?)
  • Creation of events calendar for foundation-sponsored events
  • Guidelines for hosting User Group websites on Plone.org
  • Committees

Adjourned at 1:30pm

Next meeting Nov 18th.