Minutes for May 20, 2010

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors


Geir called us to order at 12:05


Geir, Matt, Calvin, Roberto, Mark were present

Approval of Minutes

Geir Noted the minutes included the marketing plan, which the board
asked not to included - this has been removed.
Geir moved approval, Mark seconded - unanimously approved as amended

Committee Reports

IP - nothing to report
Membership - the membership group will be setting a meeting in early
June to consider applications and is wondering if they should ask for
Marketing - Penn State, Sorrento announcements of marketing plan.
This will be a very busy couple of weeks.

Old Business

Domain acquisition -

nothing to report

Call for sponsorships -

Matt and Geir will discuss later this week and report back to the board

Regional conferences naming guide -

The group discussed Alex' proposal at length, including comments from
Matt, Mark and Calvin by email and addition to the Google doc
Mattt raised the following issues -

  • Getting rid of symposium name starts to get confusing if we have a conference and a regional symposium in the same place.
  • The issue of which events contribute money to the foundation and which ones potentially get money from the foundation is confusing.
  • Matt suggested a guideline where all events with Plone in the title might pay 5% of ticket prices to the foundation.  Thinks we need a consistent rule.

Group discussed how to to maintain some level of control over the use
of the Plone name in an event title.  Discussed how to word the rule
about the 5% charge to stop folks from abusing it.

Mark suggested using the carrot approach of only events following the
rules being eligible for placement and news items on plone.org

Roberto wanted to know how to manage conferences which didn't exist to
make a profit and therefore not pay a percentage to the foundation.
Matt said that for events not selling tickets, there would be no

All agreed that how this was communicated would be extremely important.

Geir suggested a statement that we were open to making exceptions for
non-profit event.

Matt will add his proposal to the Google Doc.

Discussed whether the membership should vote on this.
Geir thinks this could be a real issue from a timing perspective.

The board will work via email and Google doc to come up with a
document for approval in 1 month (2 meetings from now)

New Business

Group discussed funding for the South American conference requested byRoberto Allende via email to the board

Looking into how best to do this to be fair to other events.
Discussed the precedent last year of funding the cost of flying Alex
Limi and Erik Steele to the event instead of funding the event
directly.  Perhaps this would work this time as well?
The group agreed to discuss this more fully during the 1st meeting in
June to come up with a decision.

Adjourned at 4:18 pm EDT.

Next meeting - June 3rd.