Minutes for March 4, 2010

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Geir called us to order at 12:05pm PDT



Attending: Calvin, Matt, Steve, Geir, Alex, Mark, Roberto

Minutes http://plone.org/foundation/meetings/minutes/minutes-for-february-18-2010

Geir moved approval, Calvin seconded
Unanimously approved.

Quick Committee status reports (IP, Membership, Marketing)

No new reports

Old business

Regional conferences, naming, guide. [alex]

Alex reported he's making progress on this.

Revisit: Event funding request, CMSExpo, Enfold systems, Contextual corporation. (Who organises talks? Should other participants contribute? Can they be "symposium"?)

What's our official response to these questions?

Geir: Tentative conclusion from e-mail discussion: Enfold and Contextual should go ahead and organize; no, 'symposium' is not encouraged; no request for participant contributions (to encourage broad access).

Mark: we really need to get these planned out front, and get them into the marketing plan and make it public so that everyone who wants to be involved will be. Mark will update the plan with the conferences we've already added and have it ready to push public.

Limi had to leave (12:25pm)

Steve moved: Enfold and Contextual should go ahead and organize; no, 'symposium' is not encouraged; no request for participant contributions.
Geir & Mark seconded
Unanimously approved

Geir will notify.

Revisit: Event funding request: Open Source Pacific Asia Conference and Expo, Pretaweb [matt]

Matt is in touch to encourage a refined proposal

Budget for 2010 [geir]

Geir has created a working document that mirrors last year's real budget with corrections for known differences this year. It shows substantial net income, which is not good in the sense that we want to be making good use of our assets.

We discussed what might be missing from this now. Added money to marketing, critical sprint travel fund. This is still a working document that we'll be revisiting and discussing before it becomes official.

New business



Matt: the venue for the annual conference is booked.

Adjourned at 12:55pm PDT
Next meeting March 18th