Minutes for June 17, 2010

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors



Attending: Geir, Steve, Mark, Calvin, Roberto, Alex
Absent: Matt (excused)

Approve minutes http://plone.org/foundation/meetings/minutes/minutes-for-june-3-2010

Mark moved approval, Calvin seconded. Unanimously Approved.

Quick Committee status reports (IP, Membership, Marketing)

Membership: the membership committee has unanimously recommended David Brenneman and Mark Corum for foundation membership.
Steve moved that David and Mark be confirmed as foundation members; Geir Seconded.
Unanimously approved with Mark abstaining. Steve will notify.

Old business

Regional conferences, naming, guide

Discussion: everyone is agreed that this is a completely separate issue from any considerations of PF tithing. Steve will work on refining the naming language for final consideration at our next meeting. General agreement that paid (non-free) events calling themselves Plone conferences will need naming approval by the board.

Domain acquisition progress? status update?

No report. Steve will check in with Joel before the next meeting.

Call for sponsorships

Work continuing, but nothing to report at this time.

Strategic sprint discussion

Deferred until next meeting.

Diversity comittee request

Geir moved to establish a diversity working group with Mark and Joel requested to move it forward.
Steve seconded; unanimously approved.

New business

Changes to marketing [Mark]

The marketing committee has requested that its name (and status) be changed from committee to team and that it be empowered to appoint regional press representatives to act under its guidance.

Alex noted that Mozilla calls its marketing group an "Engagement Team," and there was general enthusiasm for that title. Mark will run this by the marketing folks and return it to the board at the next meeting.

Geir moved that the Marketing Committee be empowered to recognize regional press contacts.
Calvin seconded; unanimously approved.

Requests from Alan Runyan re ZODB book

The board asked Alex to work with Alan on this to develop a proposal that the board could consider.

Adjourned at 1:05pm PDT; next meeting in two weeks.