Minutes for January 21, 2010

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Calvin called us to order at 12:03pm PST



Attending: Calvin, Steve, Matt, Roberto, Alex, Mark. Toby
Missing: Geir (sick)

Minutes for January 7, 2010

Steve moved, Matt seconded
Unanimously approved

We are still missing minutes from November 19th 2009
; Should we declare them MIA? Steve will prod Joel again.

Committee status reports (IP, Membership, Marketing)

IP (Matt)

Still working on handoff to new chair

Membership (Steve)

Committee is deliberating on next batch
Spanky had asked if he could be added to the committee despite failing to apply.
Consensus that we don’t want to seat anyone after deliberation has started.

Marketing (Mark)

Planning for Plone 4 release is underway

Old business

Plone Conference 2010

Received proposal from Netsight/Bristol, October 27-30 w/ training before and sprints after.
Steve moved awarding to Netsight/Bristol, Roberto seconded
Unanimously approved (Matt abstaining)

Steve and Matt will work on announcement

Revisit funding request from Totsie Marine re: NTEN Atlanta

Mark had written to say that he’d been notified that expected participation wasn’t happening.
Discussion: prior proposal appears void. If another plan is submitted, we’ll be happy to take it up.
Calvin moved that we tell them to regroup and send us another plan.
Steve seconded
Unanimously approved, Calvin will correspond with Mark

New business

T-Shirts for PyCon, to be worn by participants

Roberto proposed allocating $400 for this purpose; Calvin proposed that this be a refund to participants at PyCon.
Calvin moved 6FU create and distribute t-shirts; PF will reimburse up to $400 to 6FU for this purpose.
Roberto seconded
Unanimously approved

Eric Steele’s request for $750 plane fare for Cathedral Sprint

Background: Eric is release manager for 4; primary purpose of this sprint, of which Eric is an organizer is to work on features for Plone 4.1. Eric has asked if the PF can cover his plane fare; he'll cover the rest of the expenses.
Steve moved allocation of up to $750 for esteele's air fare to sprint
Matt seconded
Unanimously approved

Directors' & Officers' Insurance

Toby has secured a bid for Directors’ & Officers’ liability insurance for Plone Foundation
Toby noted that much of the coverage is for employees — which we don’t have. Other errors and omissions are covered. Different costs for different coverage. E.G., $1,528 for $1,000,000 coverage combining D&O and employee coverage.
Discussion about the nature of this kind of insurance, and possible kinds of liability and our degree of exposure.
(Lost Limi from call)
No motion made. General sentiment was that we should revisit the issue when we have employees or a workplace. We should check on whether more comparable foundations like Python see the need for coverage and whether or not SFLC has advice. Toby will email them to ask.

Approve invoice ZEA effective seat 2010

Steve moved approval of payment for 2588 Euro invoice
Mark seconded
Unanimously approved

Event funding request: Open Source Pacific Asia Conference and Expo, Pretaweb

(Lost Mark from call)
Hesitant to take this up in Mark's absence. Steve will drop a note saying we weren’t able to get to it today.

Discuss investment of Cash reserves [Toby]

Our promotional rate has expired on our Money Market account and we’re getting little interest. Toby asked if we’re interested in moving to another FDIC insured bank’s Money Market account. Also, a short-term CD or bond might be a good investment for a portion of the cash. Toby asked for guidance.
Discussion: any FDIC money market is OK, term investment should wait on budget.

Receipt Policy

Toby also notified that we’re going to need to be more strict about receipts in the future.
Steve moved to ask Toby to require receipts for reimbursement
Matt seconded
Unanimously approved

Adjourned at 1:15pm

Next meeting February 4, Noon PST