Minutes for December 16, 2010

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors



Attending: Matt, Geir, Steve, Jon, Mark
Absent: Calvin, Alex (both with regrets)

Approve Minutes for December 2nd, 2010 board meeting

Jon moved approval
Mark seconded
Unanimously aproved

Old business

Domain acquisition progress

Tabled in Calvin’s absence


Matt and Jon have kicked off discussions on this with interested folks

Guidelines for hosting User Group websites on Plone.org

Mark is lead on this; Guidelines still in progress

Setting up two new landing pages on plone.org - one for user groups (/users), one for education (/education)

Mark introduced this via e-mail. The education link will basically be a list of links to existing resources.
No dissent

Plone roadmap

Plone 3.3.6 release date
Steve is checking on this
Plone 5 roadmap research
Geir has checked with Hanno; Geir working with Hanno on compiling a document on what we already know before moving further

Committers/contributor agreement auditing

(how can we make sure all committers have signed the agreement? Is our process solid enough?)
Jon working on this; will collaborate with Toby
Geir is working on patch policy with SFLC

New Business

Membership Committee

Jon has made a call to foundation membership
Discussion of various recent reports on CMS systems

Conference/Marketing Events Budget

Mark had sent to the list a tiered list of events that we might include in our event sponsorship program for the next year. Sum of items: $16,275 with estimated total$18,000.
Matt moved acceptance of the marketing events budget as a draft.
Geir seconded
Unanimously approved

Version Control Hosting

Alex and Wyn have been looking into improving the machine on which we run svn/trac;  this machine is owned by us and hosted at OSU-OSL.
Geir raised strategic question of whether or not we want a big investment in hardware for several years when things may be going to cloud or things like github. But, OSU is an awesome deal if we’re going to own hardware.
Jon proposed a discussion with the core developer team about this. Should we continue self-hosting svn/trac for another three year cycle, or move to a distributed system. Also, bug tracking/ ticketing and integration.
Jon will follow up with Alex, Wyn. Noted what great work Alex and Wyn have done in moving this discussion forward. Geir will lead discussion with core developers.

Adjourned at 1:15pm