Minutes for August 5, 2010

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Geir called us to order at 12:05pm PDT



Present: Geir, Steve, Mark, Alex, Toby
Absent: Calvin, Matt, Roberto (all excused)

Approve minutes http://plone.org/foundation/meetings/minutes/minutes-for-july-15-2010

Geir moved approval, Mark seconded
Unanimously passed

Quick Committee status reports (IP, Membership, Marketing)

Mark gave a brief marketing update, not much immediate change. Work preceding on user group plan.

Old business

Plone event naming guidelines in practice?

Geir wondered if we need to do more communicating about our preference for the term conference (over symposium).
Alex will be in touch with Penn State.

Domain acquisition progress?

No news, Geir will follow up

New business

Event Funding Request, WebLion, Rose Pruyne

Mark: this will be a high exposure event, and this is a strategic presence
Geir: and this isn’t one of our usual folks
Geir moved allocation of $300 for this purpose; Steve seconded
Unanimously approved

Event Funding Request, Nate Aune

Request for $500 to support attendance at FISL. Nate is giving talks, but there’s no booth.
Geir and Mark: no evidence of planning or coordination with other SA Plone folks.
Proposal also came from Nate after plans were made.
Geir and Mark: this is a good event, but it needs planning in advance and coordination with SA folks
Steve moved we turn down this request; Geir seconded
Unanimously agreed

Marketing request from David Sapiro (Open World Forum)

Mark: we’ve already acted as a board, we just need to follow up. Mark will follow up.

Annual report

Steve proposed creation of an annual report for the membership.
Mark moved Steve create an annual report in PDF format for the membership
Geir seconded
Unanimously approved
Mark and Toby volunteered to help

Request of sponsorship for Zope/Python Users Group of DC

General discussion: nobody wants to fund user groups individually in the absence of a general plan originating from multiple users groups. We are willing to strategically funding events like sprints or conference booths.
Steve moved we reject the request and that the secretary send Alex a synopsis of the discussion.
Geir seconded.
Unanimously approved

Relicensing request from Martin Aspeli

Martin requested modified BSD relicensing of:

               • plone.testing
               • plone.uuid
               • plone.behavior
               • plone.memoize
               • plone.namedfile
               • plone.supermodel
               • plone.rfc822
               • plone.registry
               • plone.synchronize
Geir and Hanno did some checking and found that the authorship/contributorship situation is a bit more complex. One module has a GPL dependency.
Geir noted that we’ve developed a problem with people adding GPL dependencies back in. Hanno is working on automating checking.
Board continues to be in support of this kind of relicensing, but wants a bit more due diligence in requests.
Steve suggested a friendly note to Martin asking that he re-review the list and make sure that the maintainers have been identified and have agreed and that principal authors have been contacted and their opinions heard.
Geir made that a motion
Mark seconded
Unanimously agreed

Sauna Sprint

Geir: Sauna Sprint folks sent thanks for sponsorship

Financial Report

Toby reviewed the last couple of financial reports. He noted that recurring payments are now an option for PF sponsorships. Only two companies have signed up for recurring.
Only about $400 a month of recurring income is available at the moment. Nowhere near what we were hoping or budgeting for.
General discussion about the need to promote sponsorships and strategies for doing so. Mark noted need for homepage promotion.
Geir and Mark will work on an appeal. Matt has also volunteered to help, but is busy with conference.

Next meeting: August 12th

Adjourned at: 12:58pm