Minutes for August 26, 2010

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Geir called us to order at 12:02pm



Attending: Geir, Steve, Calvin, Roberto, Mark, Alex
Absent: Matt (excused)

Approve minutes for August 5

Geir moved approval;  Mark seconded
Unanimously approved

Quick Committee status reports (IP, Membership, Marketing)

Membership will probably do a final review (for this year) in late September
Marketing is preparing for Plone 4 release

Old business

domain acquisition progress

this is getting handed off to Calvin

New business

Diversity Work Group

Idea has been raised of having the annual meeting consider something like the Python Foundation’s diversity statement. Brief discussion, no action.

Plone 4 Release Manager

Steve moved to pre-authorize release manager payment to Eric Steele for Plone 4, which is expected to be released next week.
Mark seconded
Unanimously approved

Geir adjourned the meeting at 12:30pm; next meeting Sept 9.