Minutes for April 29, 2010

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Geir called us to order at 12:05pm PDT



Attending: Calvin, Geir, Mark, Steve, Alex (joined 12:15)
Absent: Matt (excused), Roberto

Approve minutes http://plone.org/foundation/meetings/minutes/minutes-for-april-15-2010

Geir moved approval, Mark seconded
Unanimously approved

Quick Committee status reports (IP, Membership, Marketing)

Membership: will probably have enough applications soon to make an approval round desirable.

Marketing: Mark will be bringing his materials forward for work at PSE and European Symposium.

Old business

Event funding request: Open Source Pacific Asia Conference and Expo, Pretaweb [matt]

Matt absent; deferred

Regional conferences, naming, guide. [alex]

Discussed a draft by Alex: the goal is to have a very lightweight process for regional conferences. We’ll refine this by e-mail.

domain acquisition progress? [alex

Nothing to report

Call for sponsorships [matt]

No progress on this. Will revisit at next meeting.

New business

Potential GPL infringement [geir]

Opened closed session at 12:27pm
Left closed session, 12:37pm, no actions

Adjourned at 12:40pm