Minutes, March 19, 2009

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Jon called us to order at 1:05 PDT



Attending: Alex, Jon, Darci, Steve, Geir, Matt, Nate (full house!)
Advisory Board Members: Roberto

Minutes of March 5, 2009

Jon moved approval, Steve seconded
Unanimously approved

Ongoing work

Relicensing conversation (Geir, Jon, Alex)

Update on membership discussion, discuss any changes we want to make towards a "final" proposal, next steps.
Discussion seemed to approve general idea. Differences were about the license, with some favoring LGPL and some modified BSD (no advertising clause).
There was discussion on the Zope Dev list, too, with clear sentiment in favor of ZPL or modified BSD.
Alex suggested talking with the Software Freedom Law Center for advice on license difference and compatility with GPL.
Straw Poll: Steve prefers BSD; Alex, Geir, Roberto somewhat favoring LGPL. Others nuetral.
Geir: BSD probably a better choice in terms of reaching out to larger community.
Jon proposed contact with SFLC to check to make sure we’re on firm ground. If BSD will work, go with it. Suggest to Zope Foundation that they might switch ZPL to BSD for lowering license proliferation.
Alex will make the SFLC contact.

Domain registrar consolidation (Geir)

Geir is starting with the major ones, then planning on moving to country-specific. Wichert will soon be passing off credentials to Geir and Alex Clark.

IP Committee Update

Alex: Concern that in one case, a stern, legal letter may have been first contact. Geir: we need to give the IP a policy that we define.
Jon: IP Committee probably should not send this kind of letter without checking with board. General agreement on this point. Initial contact should be by non-lawyer, except by board approval.
Alex will talk with Paul to clarify.

Practical Plone Author Payments

Payment has been received by Packt. Jon suggested approving payment to authros of 200 USD per chapter. 4,200 USD total. This is complete payment for these authors; subsequent royalties go to PF.
Alex moved, Geir seconded
Unanimously approved
Abstaining: Jon, Steve, Darci

Marketing Committee update (Nate, Roberto)

Final draft press release for WPD nearing availability. Esther Schindler is helping.
Gabrielle HP is working on a conference marketing kit. She’ll also work on WPD t-shirts for PyCon Plone attendees. Probably in vicinity of $150-$200 USD. Any extras could go to NTEN.

Nate moved to approve reimbursement for up to $300
Darci seconded
Unanimously approved.

Plone logo guidelines: Mark & Gabrielle have a draft, and are continuing work on this.

IdealWare report on CMSs expected soon. Jon has been one of the consultants.

Some market-specific FAQs oriented to press or evaluators would be very helpful.

Renewing ZEA Effective Seat Agreement (Geir)

Per email from Toby
Discussion: Geir and Jon: money well spent, reasonably priced.

Geir moved to approve invoice. Annual payment due for ZEA handling of effective seat. 2,669 Euros.
Jon seconded.
Unanimously approved.

Other issues raised in regard to global trademark protection, but several board members weren’t ready to address.

Adjourned at 2pm PDT.

Next meeting, April 2nd.