Minutes, January 8, 2009

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Jon called the meeting to order at 1:05pm PST.

Attending: Jon, Roberto, Steve, Darci, Nate, Geir, Alex (late)
Advisory members present: Roberto
Absent: Matt (excused; sick)


Minutes for December 11, 2008

Jon moved approval, Darci seconded; unanimously approved.

Quick Updates

Plone.org hosting

Geir will give 6 Feet Up a tentative OK and ask for contract/memo w/ 10mb limit
We need to develop a team for the transition. Hope we can keep momentum from upgrade.

Plone.net hosting

Jon has told David Sapiro of Pilot we want to go ahead; we are proceeding.

Membership committee reboot update

Darci reported that 5 members in good standing plus Darci wish to renew their membership.

  • Geir Bækholt
  • Chris Calloway
  • Godefroid Chapelle
  • Darci Hanning (Chair)
  • Tom "Spanky" Kapanka
  • Dorneles Treméa

Concrete procedures have been agreed upon, as per past board action.

Darci moved acceptance of membership; Steve seconded.
Unanimously approved.

Plone.net sponsorship update

Jon: Program live and announced. Positive responses. Working on ways to accept installment payments for larger sponsorships. Jon is working with Toby.

Renewing Chilean plone domain

Jon reported that existing steward is willing to continue management. Jon will ask for a long term renewal.
Jon moved approval spending up to $150 US; Geir seconded. Unanimously approved.

Motion to appoint Plone 4 Release Manager

The board has received a recommendation from the Plone 4 Framework Team to appoint Hanno Schlichting as Plone 4 release manager.

Jon moved the appointment.
Everyone wanted to second; Jon ruled that Darci won.
Unanimously approved.

Follow up on Version Support Policy

Steve will prominently post policy arrived at in PF membership discussion

New business

Plone Foundation representative to EU Commission

Steve moved to name Xavier as an advisory member of the PF board with the special role of representing the Plone Foundation before the EU Commission.
Geir Seconded
Unanimously passed.

OBOOE Membership for Plone Foundation

Geir moved to join OBOOE the Open Source Business Organisations of Europe, with Geir serving as representative, if the organization will accept software project membership.
Jon seconded
Unanimously passed.

Discuss timing of a late Summer/Fall US Symposium

The board has received correspondence indicating 6 Feet Up is interested in hosting a Plone symposium in the last half of 2009. This was an informal discussion since the foundation does not sponsor symposia.

Discussion noted that 4-6 weeks seems too close to conference, but realistically, attendance from NA to Budapest will not be high under the likely economic climate.
We'd like to encourage focus on a very basic track, mainstream integration.
Jon will pass this feedback to 6FU and Balazs. Also will work on scholarship program to get non-European key contributors to conference.

Discuss possible LGPL relicensing of plone.* libraries to encourage reuse by other Python communities

This is an issue raised on the development and PF membership lists. We had a preliminary discussions with no conclusion, but did determine that we're interested in working on the issue.

Adjourned at 1:04 PST. Next meeting Jan 22nd.