Minutes, January 22, 2009

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors



Present: Matt, Jon,  Steve, Darci, Nate, Geir, Alex
Absent: None!
Advisory Board Members: Roberto

Minutes for January 9, 2009

Jon moved approval, Darci seconded
Approved unanimously
[Steve will note in e-mail to membership that Symposium issue is moot due to withdrawal of proposal.]

Quick Updates

Plone.org move to Six Feet Up

Geir is back from a break, and will follow up with 6FU

Sponsorship update

Now have five sponsors, all standard at a variety of sizes.
Jon is logging them on Plone.Org and Plone.Net. 

New Business

Approval of new Foundation members, based on recommendations from Membership Committee

Recommendations from PF Membership Committee

Approval recommended for:
    * Darci Hanning
    * Jonathan Lewis
    * Joël Lambillotte
    * Robert Niederreiter
Jon moved acceptance for membership.
Geir seconded
Unanimously approved with Darci abstaining

MC Committee recommended turning down the following applications:
    * Christian Gubser
    * Jean-mat Grimaldi
    * Kurt Bendl
    * Marc Pampols
    * Ben Mason
    * Donna Snow
    * Ricardo Alves
Darci moved to not approve these
Geir seconded
Unanimously agreed

It was noted that several will be ready with just a little work on their applications or additional contributions.

Darci will notify and take care of the list additions, etc.

Marketing Committee Reboot

[Limi left conversation (12:25), may return.]

Nate reviewed some operations proposals including ~10 member committee; Evangelism will be a group within Marketing Committee. Meeting alternate weeks. Nate is contacting prospects to discover interest.

NTEN Science Fair

Nate: NTEN will be having an exhibit area at the beginning of its next meeting. Nate thinks it's a good opportunity, and with the concurrence of Jon, sent in a registration form. Done before board meeting to meet deadline. Bouth fee is very modest. Jon: we'll have no problem staffing it.


Jon thinks this will be a good opportunity to work on marketing tools that can be used in similar situations.


Jon moved authorizing up to $1,000 to join NTEN and get a booth.

Geir seconded

Unanimously approved.

[Alex rejoined 12:38]


Geir noted a letter to the board from Xavier proposing that we have a de facto

process for approving developer certification: the approval process for contribution to the core. Geir noted that this points to a possible pattern for developing certification by regularizing existing processes. Steve noted that this does not cover integration. Matt noted that it covers individuals, not companies. Jon noted how hard it is to deal with all this in an open-source community.


Alex noted possibility of certifying integrators on basis of criteria met: e.g., # of sites deployed. Steve noted desirability of valuing contribution. Geir noted that we already have that part: foundation membership.


Discussion item only on this item; no action.