Minutes for October 1, 2009

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Jon called us to order at 12:05pm, PDT



Attending: Matt, Jon, Steve, Geir, Nate, Alex
Advisory Board attending: Roberto

Minutes for September 17, 2009

Jon moved approval, Jon seconded
Unanimously approved

Quick Notes

Geir’s cat is still getting used to the new house.


Update: conference scholarship fund, etc. (Jon)

Action: Approve payment of registration support to Greenfinity; ~12,000 USD
This is drawn from the OSI support fund for the conference
Jon moved approval; Steve Seconded
Passed unanimously

Update: board election process (Jon)

Nominations are open. Hanno has agreed to serve as elections officer.

Discussion/action: IP Committee membership/leadership

David Sapiro and Sreekanth S Rameshaiah responded to a call for interested parties.
Discussion of merits of two well-qualified candidates
Steve moved selection of Sreekanth with request to David that he continue to contribute; Geir seconded.
Unanimously approved.

Action: Jazkarta request for Gilbane Boston event support

Support request for $1,000 of approx $2,000 expenses. Booth is discounted; contribution would be matched; multiple Plone companies supporting.
Jon moved approval; Geir seconded
Unanimously approved (Nate abstained)

Action: Netsight request for IMS / Online 2009, London event support

$1,500 support requested of approximately $3,900 expenses.
Jon moved approval; Nate seconded
Unanimously approved (Matt abstained)

Jon suggested a policy that these payments be handled as reimbursement from PF will be dependent on receiving report.
No action, but general agreement on this.

Discuss/Action: Support for board member to attend JBoye conference?

Well-recommended European conference. Matt and Nate suggested we really should have someone like a board member there. A relaxed, conference in which a good representative could talk with a lot of people. Nate said he could attend (and would represent Plone) if $1,500 made available; Nate would cover the rest.
Jon moved approval of $1,500 support for Nate to attend JBoye conference.
Matt seconded
Unanimously approved (Nate abstaining)

Discussion: Request for support from Xavier/PloneGov

Xavier is pursuing important work for the Plone Community, but we need a much more specific proposal for what we could fund.
Discussion question: XEA used to fund these activities. Is the PF the entity that should pick up some of this?

Adjourned at 1:15pm PDT