Minutes for November 12th, 2009

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Geir called us to order at 12:05 PDT



Attending: Geir, Matt, Steve, Mark, Calvin, Alex, Roberto, Toby

Minutes for November 5, 2009

Geir moved approval, Matt seconded
Unanimously approved


Trademark update (Geir)

Exectutive session regarding sensitive domain issue

Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTEN) 2010 funding request from Totsie Marine for NTC Conference 2010 Atlanta, GA

We had reports from last year’s conference that it was very good. This is a collaborative proposal. We’d already tentatively budgeted $800.
Geir moved approval; Mark seconded
Unanimously approved

Bootstrapping the new committees — announcements? new members?

Steve: membership; will work on complete reformation of committee
Matt: IP Committee; (Geir will notify Sree). IP has had a good membership, and most will probably be staying on.
Mark: Marketing; Will bootstrap in next week, Mark will report to board. Tough time zone problems.
Geir: every committee chair is in charge of keeping their committee page on Plone.Org up to date.

Domain name consolidation, next steps

Geir: We’re asking folks who own domain names to tell us so that we can map it out. The list is currently at 40ish. Plone.[country|city|state] are first priority. But, many nations have special rules on who may own. E.G., having an address in country. How to proceed?

Alex: we should focus on the highest priority names for real foundation control; we may just wish to track the rest, make sure they’re in friendly hands. Biggest problem would be misrepresentation as having a relationship to Plone the product when there is none.

Geir: We might be able to be the technical or billing contact even if we can’t be the owner.

Geir and Alex will work on a mailing to known owners. Will report back in a couple of weeks.

Plone conference 2010 call for proposals

Geir: call is out. Announcement says we will announce where to send application. Board list?
We may need to point out that the alternating continent pattern is not locked in.
Geir: propose reminder e-mail, emphasizing proposals will be considered equally for different continents.
Ask for informal indication of interest in advance of deadline.
Steve will update proposal request page.

Start preparations for announcing Plone 4.

Geir: If P4 is released in January, what do we need to be doing.
Discussion of strong points, how to get word out.
Geir: is marketing committee handling this?
Alex and Mark will have plan for board by next meeting.

Entered executive session on domain name question under active negotiation.
Exited executive session (approx. 20 minutes)

Netsight Brochure

Netsight is working on a brochure that may be very generally useful, and is interested in selling printed copies to the community at cost (brochure will be open-sourced, this is just about printed copies). No action.

Adjourned at 1:25pm