Minutes for May 28, 2009

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Called to order at 12:05pm PDT


Attending: Matt, Jon, Nate, Alex, Steve
Missing: Geir and Darci (both excused)

Minutes for April 30th

Jon Moved, Nate seconded

Unanimously approved


Vote on adopting Plone Framework Components Relicensing Policy - Jon

Jon moved Plone Framework Relicensing Policy as submitted to membership
Steve seconded
Unanimously approved

Vote to confirm Eric Steele as release manager for the "new" Plone 4 release.

(Hanno is release manager for new Plone 5)
Steve moved
Jon seconded
Unanimous (also proxy +1 from Geir)

Review Steve's COCOMO valuation, discuss, vote on whether to adopt a valuation for our codebase in our non-audited financials. - Steve

Files: 3,048, Lines of Code: 215,046 Using COCOMO coefficients: a 1.05, b 2.4 Programmer years: 56.26 @ $55000 per year = 3,094,216 USD

This is using a COCOMO "organic" model, with lines measured from shipping Plone 3.3rc3 minus code not under our control (KSS, Kupu ...). Text files and documentation were not counted.

Steve moved to use a figure of $3,000,000 as estimated valuation of code base in our non-audited books.
Alex seconded
Unanimously adopted

Steve will save this as a policy document.

Discuss first draft of marketing plan, any feedback we want to offer Mark & Gabrielle before they go forth and create an implementation plan & budget? - Jon

Discussion: Matt noted how daunting it is to go from no plan to 15 pages.|
Next step will be an implementation plan, then a budget estimate
Jon will communicate back that the board is very enthusiastic

Membership Committee - Darci


Discuss Hanno's proposal for pulling together some code odds-and-ends into the PF conservancy (e.g., Archetypes, ATContentTypes, plone.recipe.*)

Is it a good idea? Would we spend for it (pay it to do the grunt work)?
Probably would require signatures on assignments specifying code.
Limi noted that it’s not necessarily an advantage to own a lot of code. Targets for IP contests. Also, Archetypes is not crucial to our future.
Jon’s suggestion: get an analysis to tell us how many folks are involved and which portion have already signed. Requires analysis of commit logs — Kapil has done this before. Alex will ask him if he can do it again.


Discuss buying the "DIN" font in our logo for Foundation use - Alex

Steve moved to authorize Alex to spend up to $200 to obtain the font/weight matching the logo.
Jon seconded
Unanimously approved

Jon and Alex volunteered to do some gardening work in plone.org/foundation.

Jon led a discussion about the possibility of doing some reworking of plone.net. Pilot will handle tech side. Design and style talent will be needed.

Alex talked about getting a carefully selected set of case studies in ready-to-print PDF form for literature.

Jon adjourned us at 12:50pm PDT