Minutes for April 30, 2009

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors, April 30, 2009

Jon called the meeting together at 12:05pm PDT



Present: Jon, Steve, Geir, Alex, Nate, Matt
Absent: Darci (ill)

Minutes for April 23, 2009

Approval moved by Jon
Seconded by Nate
Unanimously approved


Approve trademark listing invoice

Discussion: likely fraudulent. No motion.

Finalize what we want to do about valuing intangible assets

CPA report is that we can do a self valuation, but need to be able to support it. LOC is a reasonable possiblity.

Steve will work on Lines of Code estimate based on established COCOMO metrics.

Discuss how to prepare for EuroPython

In UK this year. Matt will check in on whether or not a booth might be a possibility. Good chance we’ll have excellent representation.

OpenSource World

Open Source World will have space for 10 non-corporate organizations. There’s a short application process. Nate will do application.


Update on relicensing (next step was for Alex to contact SFLC)

Alex has initiated contact

NTC conference report

Jon and Nate reported that Plone had excellent representation at the NTEN conference in SF and impressed a lot of people (SalesForce connections a strong interest item). Jon and Nate learned a lot about how to improve the Plone conference kit.


Matt reported on Plone booth. Lots of “what’s Plone?” responses that were good opportunities for discussion. Also some good press contacts. Matt was on an open vs. closed source panel.

Matt left call.

Marketing Discussion

The Marketing Committee, particularly Mark and Gabrielle worked on an ambitious marketing plan. Gathering initial feedback from marketing committee.

So, marketing committee is really going strong.

Adjourned at 12:50