Minutes, May 29, 2008

Plone Foundation board meeting minutes from May 29, 2008.

Present: Jon, Joel, Darci, Steve, Alex

Absent: Geir, Nate


Jon moved to approve the minutes of the May 15th meeting.

Darci seconded.

Unanimously approved.


President's report

  •  Conference contract signed with Ronald Reagan Building (see next item)
  • Still in process of getting signature card compelted for WaMu bank account

Secretary's report 

Jon reported (for the record) that the board voted via email (5-0, Joel Burton abstaining) to sign the contract with the Ronald Reagan Building, the Plone Conference 2008 venue, in order to serve as a financial backstop and 501c3 fiscal agent to the unincorporated ZPUGDC conference team.


Committee/workgroup Reports


Darci: Still working hammering out final approval process; plan to present at next board meeting. 



Geir absent. 

Joel will draft some response to Intel's query about licensing of add-on products.


Marketing/Branding/Site Redesign

Alex has been talking to Cornelis, trying to restart conversation with Netsight.




Jon, Darci, Steve met last week, completed an initial read-through, identified various areas for cleanup/clarification, including:

  • Description of officers
  • Desire to implement staggered board terms so we don't turn over the whole board all at once every year.


Plone.org Infrastructure

No activity at this time; Jon will talk with Alan in-person in New Orleans.


Plone.org Content Policy

No activity at this time.


2008 Conference Planning

PF has signed venue contract.

Joel has signed separate training contract with venue, and is working with Alex to pre-recruit talks.

Joel will follow up with Amy & Reagan Building about whether our c3 exemption is sufficient.


Plone.net Sponsorship Plan

Waiting on technical implementation from David Sapiro.


Release Manager Role & Compensation

We received an email from current release manager Wichert Akkerman requesting that we formalize & clarify the role of the release manager as we shift to the 3.0-style release cycle. 

Payment for 2.5 and 3.0 releases was $5000.   We discussed a bit, and converged on the idea that a .1 release should probably be compensated at around $2500.

Alex will discuss this with Wichert and draft language to define the release manager role.

Joel: we need to discuss the impact of faster 0.1 releases on our stated "two previous releases" deprecation policy.  This is mostly an issue of messaging and perception.  Alex clarified that the intent is to support two major versions, not to count every point release.

Need to clarify that 'our official policy is that we support the most recent two major versions."  Joel we clarify our major version support policy.

Jon: need to update version numbering policy @ http://plone.org/documentation/manual/upgrade-guide/introduction to reflect current practices.



Meeting adjourned at 12:40pm