Minutes, May 15, 2008

Plone Foundation board meeting minutes from May 15, 2008

Present: Jon, Darci, Steve, Geir, Alex,

Absent: Nate, Joel



Jon moved to approve the minutes of the May 1st meeting, with gratitude to SteveM for scribing.

Steve seconded.

Unanimously approved.


President's report

Darci has:

  • Approved reimbursement to Jon Stahl for renewal of plone.org.mx & plone.com.mx domains
  • Signed off on appliation for a booth at LinuxWorld, to be staffed by David Siedband
  • Finalizing becoming a signer on PF bank account at WaMu.


Committee/workgroup Reports


Darci: Spanky put forth a pretty solid proposal for Membership Committee guidelines, Darci is shepherding through final review and will touch base with Hanno, Godefroid, et al.


No major new news. 

Marketing/Branding/Site Redesign

No update at this time.



Darci, Steve, Jon to schedule initial chat to review and make recommendations.

Plone.org Content

SteveM: New PHC 3.0 will allow us to choose licensing terms and follow recommended procedures for IP committee around Plone.org documentation.

Conference Planning

We are expecting a proposal from the conference team to have the PF sign off on the contract with the venue.  To be discussed and voted on via email.

Plone.net Sponsorship Plan

Jon: inching forward.  Working with Dave Sapiro to implement technical requirements.

Geir: Paul has stepped down from content/policy leadership; need to identify new leadership to complement Dave Sapiro on the tech team.


Meeting adjourned at 12:40pm