Minutes, May 1, 2008

Plone Foundation board meeting minutes, May 1, 2008

Minutes for Plone Foundation Board Meeting, May 1, 2008

Attending: Jon Stahl, Steve McMahon, Alexander Limi, Nate Aune
Absent: Joel, Geir, Darci

Minute taker: Steve

  • Jon called to order at 12:10, chairing with Darci absent
  • Jon moved approval and publication of the 2008-04-17 minutes; Steve seconded, unanimously approved.


The board received a report from the Membership Committee recommending five additions to the Plone Foundation Membership:

  • Tim Knapp
  • Steve McMahon
  • Maurits van Rees
  • Matthew Wilkes
  • Joanna Springsteen

Steve requested he be covered in a separate motion.

Jon moved approval of all but Steve; Second by Alex. Unanimously passed.

Jon moved approval of Steve; Alex seconded. Passed with Steve abstaining.

Jon reported that the Membership Committee is continuing work on procedures; expect something at next meeting.


Jon reported that he had chatted with Toby and he would have no problem handling plone.net funds.

Implementation of Plone.Net sponsorships is underway.

Plone.Org Reports

Steve noted Toby's receipt of new invoices from XS4All. Wiggy is checking on this, as this is a new development. Brief discussion of leadership possibilities for spearheading a new hosting plan.

Received update on Plone 3 conversion for Plone.Org.

Intellectual Property 

Discussion about handling of trademark infringement claim related to the name of an add-on product with a page on plone.org. Assistance of the IP committee and response of product authors were noted. No action required.


Nate: Noted announcement of World Plone Day, organizing started by Roberto Allende.

Nate: Invited all to view Boston Meetup this evening.


Done at 12:39 PDT

Next meeting: May 15, 2008